To the idiots over in ATMB who have reading comprehension difficulties

You forgot to say “Obama” at the end of that sentence, KayT.

If you have to ask what’s OK to say in the Pit, you shouldn’t be in the Pit. You can’t handle the Pit.

No pit-handler, you! Bah, I deride your pit-handling abilities.

So, if Ted Cruz gets bitten on the ass by a rattlesnake, and there’s nobody else around to suck out the poison or he’ll die, then…?

I thought you flounced, Drew.

Just what do you have against Lieu?

What’s with all of the fragile little snowflakes posting lately?

I blame Linus.

Linus was more fluffy than flouncy.

…the snake dies.

A cactus, apparently. And maybe some Vaseline…

I didn’t really see the dog-piling. I saw a lot of diversions from the topic or personal opinions on what the rule should be. I saw a mod provide a clear and definitive answer as to policy. I can see how samclem’s post later could be interpreted as aimed the OP in a snakry way. I read it slightly different. I just though of it referencing a related theme of insult escalation after TPTB had provided a definitive answer.

Apparently we did learn something about the rules at least related to the OP. Is it okay to wish a high probability of death on plant life, because when I fuck a cactus…** I FUCK A CACTUS!!!** :stuck_out_tongue:

rechecks posters names to make sure there’s no “Cactus” posting in the thread

Quit stealing my line, lizard-fart.


Always with those negative waves, Moriarty

The pit would be a better place with less posts like yours in it.

I wish that posts like yours would never have been written.
(those are allowed, rite?)

Latin or Coptic?

For this thread it should be last rites.

I once Copt a feel during a Latin rite.

Happy now, tomndebb? Happy now?! Look what you made Chefguy do!

Bad puns? A new semi-meme thing of taking the last thing a person said and then adding to it with your own absurd thing? This thread is going far better than I could have ever imagined. Thanks all!

To those of you who rated this pitting highly, you get a virtual high five.

To those of you who think otherwise, go fuck a cactus. (it just never gets old saying that)