to you.....oh voices....

this is a flame to all the voices and all the different thoughts and dreams that plauge the consciouness that is Nomadic_One. There are so many different “voices” pulling and fighting for their share of Nomad. Why in a world where you can be everything you have to be nothing to be what is to all. and when you are everything to all you are nothing to no one. where thoughts and intelsctual thinkerers are moer betester then the ones who define thought in the first place. who but (All) can define that for me. Why can one be so involved and connected and yet to utterly lost…yea though i walk though it all ive been to the valley and im still afraid. so many (times) there is just fear in nothing for fear of becoming nothing while everything is the cause of the fear. haha…i love myself, or was that i love the person that you dont see. you the world who hehehe. why is it hidden! ITS THERE! is it not obvious, why…why…why… Continously? Hope? Riches? Infatuated? Slothful? Thought? Insecure? Answers? Neutral? through it all am i still a

This, kids, is why drugs are a Bad Thing.

im just glad ive never tried any of them.

Ah, good…carry on then. :stuck_out_tongue:

You might want to start.


…oh to be “normal”…sigh

Seriously, it sounds like you can benefit from some medication. You sound exactly like my sister before she started on Paxil.

NO’s in Minnesota. It’s March. I’d say (s)he needs to take some time off and head south for a week or two… :wink:

…week or two…i was thinking more along the lines of year or two…

Here in North Dakota, we’ve been cooped up in our homes avoiding the insane cold for so long now, we are all wigging out.

It was winters like this that, in the 1800’s and early 1900’s, people would end up freeking out and killing their entire families from the sheer oppression of being in the same house with them for several months on end. In fact it still happens from time to time.

I hope Nomadic-One’s famly are hiding the guns…

actually i went duck hunting with my dad last fall in N.D. …im a little more careful with a gun though.