Toaster waffles: syrup or plain?

I eat 'em plain myself. Just grab em and eat em like toast.

only with Eggo: peanut butter (spread while the waffle is still hot so it gets all melty) and maple syrup

as for the other imposter waffles, butter will do

and of course you eat 'em like toast!

Syrup (particularly the ‘Maine Blueberry Syrup’ (yum) from Cracker Barrel restaurants.

Syrup, yes, but REAL maple syrup, please! :slight_smile:

I put eggs on top of mine, then syrup on top of THAT! ha! oh and sometimes I stick mine in the microwave so they come out soft.

As much a fan I am of real maple syrup (I buy it straight out of a guy’s barn in upstate NY), I eat my eggo plain as I drive to the train in the morning.

Gotta have syrup and a small pat of butter or margarine.

See I see them in the same category as, say, Pop Tarts. They just aren’t a put-it-on-a-plate food… and while they taste better with butter and syrup… that requires a plate. Just seems kinda like eating Pop Tarts with a fork or something.

I can’t eat them plain - I put butter on them.

If I ever use syrup, even on pancakes or French toast, I’m with rundogrun. It’s got to be real maple syrup. None of that Aunt Jemima corn syrup swill. Blecchhhh.

syrup and butter…and microwaved so they’ll be extra soft.

I love the idea that you are eating this crappy, super-processed food replica, but heaven forbid that it be tarnished with anything less than genuine maple syrup! Moreover, extra points must be given to any food that comes in a container shaped like a person or an animal.

You ae certainly free to defile your Eggos in anyway you wish, but unless you follow these undebatable rules, you are simply WRONG!

Eggos MUST be toasted sufficiently to begin browning - NO mushiess permitted.

Eggos MUST be “buttered” (tho butter is acceptable, might as well maximize the experience and go for the margarine) and placed on a plate.

Syrup MUST be applied such that some gets in each hole.

Eggos MUST be cut and devoured thus: Cutting along the grid marks, remove the outside curved edges in four cuts, each 2 squares deep. This leaves the prime center section, a rectangular margarine and corn syrup soaked delicacy of (I believe) 4 squares by 5. Cut it down the shorter axis, and savor the essence of frozen waffles in 2 incomparable bites.

Final step, allow the dog to lick off the plate.

Next, I’ll instruct you on the wonders of Velveeta.

Funny… although I am a Maple Syrup stickler as well, it’s always seemed just WRONG to put it on Eggos. I put Maple Syrup on pancakes & homemade waffles always, but it’s Log Cabin for the Eggos. No butter. Eat like toast.

Cinnamon Toast Waffles are great in that they don’t even need butter or syrup. They’re fantastically fantastic I say.

Definitely syrup. Nothing else. Eat with a fork and knife, and cut it into perfect squares with syrup in each square.

Gotta be Downeyflake waffles, with plenty of butter and maple syrup, preferably from Log Cabin.


I’m with SouprChckn; Eggo Cinnamon Toast Waffles are the best. If I have time, though, I’ll put butter on them.

Waffles MUST be eaten:
[list=1][li]On a plate.[/li][li]With butter.[/li][li]Lots of butter.[/li][li]And syrup.[/li]I’m torn between Maple and Karo Corn Syrup.[/list=1]

Do this. toast the waffle.

while it’s in the toaster take a little spoonful of peanut butter and a little spoonful of strawberry jam and stir them together in a little bowl. (This is a very little recipe, for little people, with little kitchens) When the pb and j has become an ugly colored paste, spread it on said waffle, making sure each square has a little bit of the mixture.