Today I Die - Neat little flash game.

Give it a go - it’ll probably only take a few minutes to play, but it’s well worth those few minutes.

Thought it was stupid at first.
Then grew to like it once I started to figure out what to do.
Very well done.

Okay, I’m dumb. How do you play?

I know you can switch the “evil” words and change the environment. What about those jellyfish?

That’s the start pretty much- you play around with the jelly fish for a while.

If you keep them going long enough, you can make new words appear in certain areas- 1 per each location, and you keep your new words from location to location

If you wanna know how to REALLY get started and want MORE hints:

Move the Jellyfish around and prevent him from getting eaten by the fish. That’s the first step. Then use your new word on the other levels. (Dark next)

Oh, it brings them to life! Swim little jellyfish, swim!

Oooh, dynamic poetry.

That was nice.

Hmm, I got started, and I think I finished it? The music stopped in any case.

Frustrating at first, but then, very nice.

Very cute. Anyone download the guy’s pack? He says it’s free, but you can donate if you like. I’m curious to see if his other games are any good. My guess is this is the cream of the crop, but you never know.

It has an unambiguous ending.

The shades are trapped in bubbles, a non-player character enters, you go swimming off together, all the negative words are gone, and the poem has a [del]s[/del] happy conclusion.

I figured it out once, but I can’t duplicate it.

  1. Hold jellyfish to get SHINE

  2. DEAD to DARK

  3. DIE to SHINE

  4. Pull up the hidden thing to get SWIM

  5. SHINE to SWIM


  7. SWIM to SHINE

  8. Catch 5 bubbles and make a barrier

  9. SHINE to SWIM

  10. Get FREE


  12. Nice music - Game Over

no trapping in bubbles doing it that way.


I’m not getting that ending.

[SPOILER]My NPC gets sad and goes away, and my character swims off alone.

Poem says:

Free world
full of beauty
today I swim
better by myself[/SPOILER]

EDIT: Never mind, figured it out. Got the other ending now.

How did you get the character to swim off alone?

I think the difference was moving the NPC around instead of the main character. He kinda threw those flower bubbly things at her and she got mad eyes.

It looks like if you don’t move them together, he swims off and you get the “better off alone” ending.

Edit - OK, they still do more after that…huh…several parts are confusing.

I don’t get the point of this game at all. What is one supposed to do?

get from the start to the end

You have to do the right things in the right sequence.

I finally got it.

Here’s a full walkthrough after clicking start:


Click and hold the jellyfish without it getting eaten by a fish until the word “shine” appears and turns yellow


Replace the word “die” in the poem with the word “shine.”


Replace “dead” with “dark”


Plow through the dark puffy creatures, revealing some kind of grey thing bottom center


click on the grey thing and lift it up and out of the ground


get your character close to the word “swim” and move that word away from its source


Replace “dark” with “painful”


Move your character to capture and inflate 5 floating bubbles


Click and move the 5 creatures so they overlap each other in a tight bunch somewhere in the middle of the screen


Click and move the 5 inflated bubbles to surround and confine the 5 creatures in a pentagonal prison - then move away


Replace “shine” with “swim” and wait for the word “free” to appear and turn green


Replace “painful” with “free”


Move your character to push the creatures into a corner until they are trapped in bubbles that appear once trapped


Replace “shades” with “beauty”


Grab the bubbles and your new NPC and swim together or do not swim together. There is a different ending based upon which way you pick.