Today I saw a woman so beautiful that she made me sad

Because I knew a girl that beautiful would never want anything to do with a loser like me.

Ouch! Not with that attitude! Go for it buddy. Don’t be a self fulfilling prophecy!

Beauty is only skin deep my friend.

Yeah, “attitude.” I’m sure that’s the problem.

Attitude can be everything. Yours will not help you find anyone.

Figure out what you like about yourself. Go on, there’s something. Got it? Now go be it. Think of something you love, and do it. While you’re having a good time being and doing these awesome things, you may run into someone who likes those things too. Maybe she’ll be more attactive than you. Maybe less. But it wont matter, because if you’re lucky, she’ll understand you and have fun with you and connect with you in a way that beautiful woman never will.

Sometimes the beautiful people are not all they’re cracked up to be.

I know a very beautiful girl. This girl is stunning. Many guys have commented to me, her, and others, about how stunningly beautiful she is. She’s constantly getting flirted with and guys just stare at her all the time.

She also has trouble getting a date, because guys are so intimidated around her, they just never ask her out.

And no, it’s not because she’s crazy. Guys just assume she wants nothing to do with them.

I wish I was charming and charismatic, and could entertain women of all walks of life, be they stunningly attractive, girl-next-door cute, or nerdy and sweet, or combinations thereof.

But I am not. I have the charisma of a small puddle of mud. I don’t think I’m physically unattractive, but I seem to have no ability to communicate with people without coming across as weird and off-putting.

I’ve been doing what I like my whole life, and I’m 22 years old and never had a girlfriend. Maybe that works for people like you, but I figured out I’m a pathetic piece of shit that no girl will touch a while ago, because I certainly wasn’t attractive when my attitude was good.

Blatantly stolen from Twitter (but still good advice) :

“That woman was sexy…Out of your league? Son. Let women figure out why they won’t screw you, don’t do it for them.”

Well, they don’t seem to have any problems doing that. If anything, I’m just saving time this way.

This may be a stupid question, but have you ever, y’know, asked anyone out?

It reminds me of a conversation I had with my girlfriend. She said “You know, it’s amazing how true that old adage is - you find love when you’re not expecting it. It just happens, it’s so easy!” I could only reply, “Yeah, easy for you, I pursued you. I worked my ass off to get you to like me!” She then had to admit that it was true.

Yeah, love can fall in your lap sometimes. The rest of the time, you have to work for it. If option one doesn’t seem to be working, you have to go to plan B. It’s no fun but it does get the job done.

What, exactly, makes you such a pathetic piece of shit?

If you truly believe this (and are not just looking for sympathy) why WOULD a woman (beautiful or not) “want anything to do with” you?

Maybe you should focus on engaging in activities that will help you feel more confident about your intrinsic worth and value as a person, (you can obviously read and write, you could voulnteer as an adult literacy instructor) and then when you are in a frame of mind that would be conducive to attracting a woman into your life, avail yourself to situations where you will be in contact with women who are looking to meet a good guy…

I hope you can start feeling better about yourself soon, Matthew

I do feel sad for that girl…because she didn’t get a chance to answer your question that you’ve so quickly answered yourself. Self-judgment is not a good trait to have, mookie.

The fact that I can’t do anything right and no one gives a fuck about me.

After some years, the formerly-ugly duckling returned home with its beautiful swan friends. At first, the actually ugly duckling was jealous. But then it noticed that some swans were pretty unhappy. And some weird looking ducks were doing okay. So there wasn’t much correlation there. Not much correlation between anything.

There were some ducks and swans and it was complicated.

Someone call the waaaaambulance. There has never been such a self-fulfilling prophecy as “I am a sucky piece of shit that no one would ever want to hang out with.” Take a good hard look at yourself–what is it about yourself that you don’t like? What is it that you do like? Write them down, then figure out how to fix the crap and enhance the good. While you are doing so, you will probably run into other humans. Practice being friends with them. Eventually you will get better at it.

Or you could just sit around and whine. That will get you a hot girlfriend in no time (not).

There is no good to work with and too much crap to fix.

Forget it, I don’t even know why I made this topic. I know I’m going to die alone and miserable (and probably by my own hand).

What, they don’t have chloroform in your neck of the woods?

Pretty much. mookieblaylock, you’re not going to find a relationship by wishing you were in a relationship and ‘knowing’ you’ll never have one. If you think you’re useless, go find a way to make yourself useful. Get a job, or volunteer. You said that you do the things you like. What do you like? Can you meet people through it? Even the most stereotypically ‘nerdy’ activities have conventions or online discussion boards. Hey, you’re even on a board right now! You can connect with people through conversations here.

It doesn’t have to be about meeting women. In fact, women are usually put off by the idea that you’re doing something just to meet women, because we like being valued for who we are, rather than the fact that we’re female and therefore could potentially be girlfriends. So that’s what it means, do what you like. Don’t concentrate on meeting the woman of your dreams, just concentrate on making connections with people, and who knows what might happen?

You said “I’m 22 years old and never had a girlfriend”. Big deal. Not only are you still young, there are people who meet their boy/girlfriends in nursing homes. Just because you haven’t been in a relationship after x amount of time doesn’t mean you’ve failed some kind of test.

EDIT: @ Revtim oh nooooo, hahahaha