Today is my 50th birthday

So I’ve completed a half-century… hard to believe! I really don’t feel any older. I’m blessed with good health, a loving family, a good job and all my friends, near and far, on the Dope and off. I could’ve done without the recent (unsolicited) arrival of an AARP membership card, though…

Happy birthday, youngster. It’s not as scary as you thought it would be, is it. And for the record, I turn 57 in a few months and AARP still hasn’t caught wind of me.

Congratulations young feller!

On my 50th birthday I went out late night, looked up to the stars and said “Bring it on universe! I’ve made it through half a century, I don’t care what you throw at me now.”

Congrats! I’m 54, my Wife is a youngster at 55 and is training for her fourth full 140 mile IronMan race.

Happy birthday! Now get off my lawn.


Happy birthday! You got 14 years on me.

Happy birthday, you young whippersnapper (I just turned 58 a couple of weeks ago).

I have four years plus change on you, so happy birthday and welcome to old fartitude. :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday

It is so much better than the alternative, dirt napping


Congratulations! Have a great day.

Happy anniversary of your birthday! … I can hardly remember when I hit 50.

Happy birthday, lad. Were you also born on Labor Day?

Happy Birthday! I will eat cake today to celebrate.

Shaddup, ya young punk!

I refuse to believe it;
it is just not true!
You are always a young lad
When I picture you.


Happy Happy Birthday! Eat all your cake now.

We’ll happy birthday!

Congratulations, EH! Yeah, it’s not so bad when you get used to it. And soon you’ll qualify for all those cool “senior” discounts. :dubious:

Have a happy day and eat cake for me!

Happy birthday! I turn 41 in a week, so we’re the same age as far as most surveys are concerned!

As always, I hope one day to have the chance to meet you in person…only not at work. :wink:

Happy birthday! Even though you are as old as dirt, a full four years older than even me, you still have the heart of a young boy.
I saw it in a jar on your desk.

Congratulations on not falling off the planet for another revolution!