Today is the first day of the rest of my unemployment

A week ago at this time I would already have been at work for two hours. But I’m all covered up in bed looking out the window at the nasty cold, and thinking about when I might get up and have a nice breakfast at my favorite pancake house. This is already a perk – they don’t open until 630 and I would normally be at work by then.

I beed to find a place to hang out and write my book so I don’t get too house-bound. I need to find the discipline to write on a schedule so I can finish it, sell 100 million books and never work a 9-5 job again.

Good luck. Last year at this time I was you; it took me almost 10 months to find work again, and I worked my ass off every day trying to find suitable employment! Thankfully (for you) the economy looks a tad better this year compared to last.

When you figure out how to get that self-discipline, let me know. There are usually many things I should be doing other than mooching around here. :slight_smile: