Today's sign of the Apocalypse

Is it just me? Or is Great White shark patting a sport whose time has come?

Pssst… the Cubs are still in first place! We’re all gonna die!!!

I sense some major contenders for the next Darwin Awards.

Idjits, I tell you, idjits.

Great story. I think it’s funny that the environmental official seems totally appalled that his country has to enact laws to protect stupid people from themselves.

If it were my country to run, I’d let the bastards do whatever they wanted. After all, how are the teeming millions going to stamp out ignorance if we prevent the forces of evolution from doing that job efficiently and naturally? I say if they’re at least 18 years of age and they can’t find a safer place to be during a Great White feeding frenzy, let 'em get munched.

BTW, I wonder if any of the survivors got bacterial infections from the whale…

Relax, it’s still August. If the Cubs win the Series, then we’re in trouble.