Toilet Games (#1 only)

Doing a simple task such as taking a piss 3 - 4 times a day can get pretty boring and mundane after the first couple hundred times. So I’m wondering what kind of games do you play to make bathroom duty #1 more interesting? Some of my favorites:

Distance - In midstream, I try and see just how far back I can go and still get everything into the bowl.

Island - Sometimes my piss will generate a lot of mini bubbles. In these cases, I like to try and break up the conglomeration of bubbles into two or more separate “land” masses. Then I play god and destroy the world with one flush. ::evil laugh::

Acoustics - Other times, I just enjoy listening to the different accoustics of a toilet bowl by moving the stream of piss from the edge of the bowl to the center and back.

Bullseye - At urinals, I will often select a single drain hole and try to get the entire piss stream into that hole.

Of course, the other reason for me posting this thread was to share the ultimate gaming device created by some MIT students
You’re In Control (Urine Control)

When in bars that still allow smoking, I play “sink the cigarette battleship”.