Tom Goes To The Mayor-does anyone like it?

So I’ve recently been reintroduced to cable and Adult Swim on Cartoon Network. While AS is still pretty good, there is one show that stands out as the absolute worst. Tom Goes To The Mayor.

I have yet to make it through a single episode of this from start to finish. Crap premise, crap animation(if you want to call it that) crap everything.

I hope this show is not just a preview of things to come on Adult Swim.


It amuses me. I don’t think I could say why, though.

Have you seen 12 Oz Mouse? It’s the great divider of AS cartoons. Many (I think probably most) absolutely despise it, while a few of us think it’s one of the best things ever put on TV.


It’s absurdism, really, and it doesn’t come in a pretty package. I’ve only seen a couple episodes, and wasn’t impressed at first, but it grew on me–I loved the one with Jack Black as a bear-trap salesman! I’m not one to admire the artistic presentation of anything, really; I’m more of a content guy, always have been. Absurdism can be hilarious or awkward, and not often anywhere in the middle; when Tom Goes to the Mayor hits the hilarious side I love it.

Can’t speak to any episode more recent than Fall 2004, though.

Let me put it this way: that series is one of the reasons I started this thread.

I hate that show. Maybe if I still smoked pot I’d like it.

The thing that kills me about that show, is that most of the guest stars (Jack Black, Bob Odenkirk, David Cross, Brian Posehn, other Mr. Show alumni) are some of my favorite entertainers. I posted a message on Brian Posehn’s message board about it. His site got hacked, and I never got to read his reply, or anyone else’s for that matter. Life goes on.

Ugh. I swear, it’s really hard to find good shows nowadays that don’t involve stupidity. It started with Aqua Teen Hunger Force, which I actually kind of like, but it’s like every animator on the planet took that formula, fucked it with a ten foot metal rod, and put even crappier animation on it. Random and stupid does not necessarily equal funny.

And do not EVEN get me started on 12 Ounce Mouse. Urrrgh. I miss the days when Adult Swim was Family Guy, Futurama, and anime.


Absurdism has it’s charm…but that particular show and it’s characters just give me the creeps or piss me off. Sometimes both at once.

It’s like…you know those old cartoons (Looney Tunes, Chuck Jones, etc.) where some smarmy asshole makes some (completely undeserving) fella’s life hell and gets away with it? Well imagine one of those, as directed by John Waters. That’s what it is to me.

If anyone else likes it, fine. More power to ya. But I’m not going anywhere near that damn thing.

No. I can’t stand it. Give me more ATHF, Futurama, and Venture Bros. And Sealab re-runs.

I think it is funny, although I have only seen three or so episodes of it. I thought the “Rats off to Ya!” Xmas special was one of the funniest things ever. I mean, it is no Venture Brothers but I’d rather watch this than–yuck–anime. Different strokes I guess.

I can’t even stand the commercials for it. I’ve tried to become more open to the, um, less-plotlined shows but so far I can only enjoy a fifteen minute dose of Robot Chicken in addition to my usual favorites (Family Guy, Oblongs, Boondocks, Futurama, and Moral Orel).

I still can’t figure out why Tom is still on.

[quote=Maybe if I still smoked pot I’d like it.[/quote]

It doesnt’ help.

I’m as big an Adult Swim fan as anybody, and I just can’t stant Tom. I gave it more than enough chances because of some of the other stuff that the talent pool has done, but at some point you’ve just got to give up.

12 oz Mouse is hit or miss, but I’ll watch it if my SO is asleep. I do really dig Perfect Hair Forever, tho!

I find it semi-amusing at times, but the “Married News” people give me the heebee-jeebees.

Worst thing on Adult Swim? I think not. “Tom” is Citizen Kane compared to “12 Oz. Mouse”.

Adore it! I think it’s one of the cleverest shows on Adult Swim. I ordered the “Married News Team Calendar-Style Day Chart 1990” last week and received it yesterday.

I guess it’s different strokes, but I haven’t met anyone besides myself who really likes the show. Could I be the only ardent fan?

It really does come the Mr. Show side of comedy, which you either love or hate. I have to admit that I’ve chuckled at the show sometimes, but I agree that its pretty often lame and annoying (often just for the sake of being annoying).

12oz mouse, i dunno. I can watch 12oz mouse for some reason. It IS too bizarre for words, but it passes the time somehow. I don’t love it, but I don’t hate it either.

I miss the golden days of Space Ghost though. The eps with Sarah Jessica Parker, the Busta Rhymes ep, and the Bjork ep were all comedy genius. It certainly seems like Adult Swim had a real golden age thats passed. Although Venture and Korgoth do, I guess, speak against that.

Absolutely love it! Unlike Robot Chicken or FG, Tom Goes to the Mayor is a show which upholds the Space Ghost style of comedy.

And its not just the absurdism that I love, its the characters. Tom with his never failing optimism is so perfect a foil for the Mayor who is, basically, an insane sociopath. What’s not to like?

Although I agree, watching those two actors make googly-eyes at each other as the husband & wife news team is sooooo icky. But ya gotta love their commitment to the bit…

Not really my kind of humor. It gets on my nerves in a BIG way.

The times I’ve tried to watch this show, my assessment is that it is comic masturbation. That doing anything “weird” = funny. It seems really lazy to me.

But taste is subjective and I won’t dis anyone who enjoys it. Just don’t ask me to watch it.

Ditto 12 oz. mouse.

I guess you won’t want to see my “Married News Team” calendar then :frowning:

I’ve only seen two episodes, but found it strangely compelling. That’s not to say I found it funny. You have to be really clever to pull off humor that’s so low key and strange. I do remember one line I really thought was funny: “My wife is running for Town Webmaster.” It still makes me smile a little. That may be the problem. Even at its best, it’s still a smiler.