tomndebb: Is there a Debb? Does she ever post?

tomndebb, I think many long-time posters will agree, is one of our SDMB all-stars. But all I’ve ever seen are posts from Tom (featuring his signature squiggle next to his name).

But what about Debb? I’ve never seen one post by Debb! I know she exists because every now and then Tom mentions her in his posts.

You know what they say about “every great man.” So, Tom, tell us about Debb. Or better yet, tell her to dust off her fingertips and hand her the keyboard.

From what I have gleaned from tom~'s posts, Debb is his wife who does not post on the SDMB. IIRC she does post on other boards where he uses that same name, but I wouldn’t stake anything worthwhile to that R of mine.

Deb never posts since she does not enjoy message board or newsgroup interactions very much.

When I joined the AOL SDMB, my default username was our joint AOL account. (Under AOL 3.0, the additional usernames were pretty cumbersome, requiring one to disconnect from AOL to swap identities among other things, and I just signed up under our common account.) She has since acquired her own computer and a separate ISP and account, but “tomndebb” is still a handy way for family and businesses to get hold of both of us. Once I had established an identity using that ID, expanding it onto a couple of related newsgroups and message boards, I figured it would be more work and more confusion to change my username just to “remove” her identity. I’m not much into using my username to create a persona, (stodgymiddleagedguywithalotofinformation is descriptive, but it’s a bit long for a username), so with multiple years and thousands of posts on multiple boards/groups, I really don’t feel like changing my ID, then having to explain that [newusername] is “really” tomndebb any time someone links to an old thread.

Debb’s too good for us I guess:rolleyes:

Its because Debb’s smarter than tomm, and we can’t handle that.

Plus Debb is a lot better looking and we’d get all distracted and stuff.


Incidentally, I believe it’s “Tom and Deb B.”, not “Tom and Debb”.

Deb B

John E

Osc R

Ste V


waterj2 is correct.

(I don’t usually call her Debbie, just Deb.)

Her typing and grammar is perfect too. WOuld make us look baad.

Nah, forget everything you read here, including that post by that guy in N E Ohio. The real reason Deb doesn’t post is she already has a separate board identity, Cecil Adams. :wink: