Tonight's "How I Met Your Mother" (01-11-10)

OMG, that was amazing, funny - and did remind me a little of Doctor Horrible. Nice to hear NPH’s singing voice again!

What a fun ep! The ‘mother’ part was fun/quirky, but not that interesting.

But NPH’s suit song and dance was so fun! Allison Hannigan must’ve been thinking “This is like dejavu!”

And I loved Marshall’s insecurity about the Hot Bartender. “So, what? She’s hotter than me??”

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twickster, Cafe Society moderator

Loved it. At least we now know who the mother is…just not when we’ll find out WHO she is. :slight_smile: Great song. Perfect finish.

Am I the only one who found that a little sad? Now that we know who she is, even if we don’t know WHO she is…it’s the beginning of the end. The show doesn’t have anywhere to go once they meet, and will likely follow the same trends as so many shows before it and start going downhill rapidly or will rush through a few episodes to tie up any loose ends before going away forever to syndication…

I don’t know. I did like the episode but it made me melancholy. *
*and apparently overly dramatic as well. :wink:

Don’t fret. There’s been at least one clue every season and Ted’s no closer to actually seeing her than he ever was. They can keep this going at least until the roommate finishes getting her degree.

I don’t know about that. He did maybe see her foot, after all. :wink:

They can probably go further than that. They can still be roommates even after they graduate. Or they could just be roommates for that point of time, but not still be in that situation once Ted and the mother actually meet (Ted just finds out about that the mother was roomies with Bilson’s character later).

My DVR cut off, was there any teasers after the credits?

I was kind of disappointed in the musical number. It wasn’t awful, it was just kind of… silly. And it made me sad to realize that Barney is really much more Captain Hammer than Billy.

Yes - but unlike Captain Hammer, he isn’t a complete dick.

I’m thinking they’re going to have to wrap the series up either this season or next season. The kids look like they’re in their late teens in 2030. That gives Ted five years MAX to find his wife, get married, and have two kids.

I know a lot of you like these “musical number” things but to me they reek of jumping the shark.

Well, if he’s not seeing this girl anymore, then has no reason to be hanging around her apartment and meet her roommate. So now he just goes back to dating other people for a while, until some crazy random happenstance (or maybe just the umbrella) leads him back to her.

I hope that the creators have an arc and ending in mind, and follow through. Tell the story, and stop when the story ends.

I thought it was fun - but hope that they don’t go to that well too often.

Rachel Bilson is too freakin’ adorable! She is one of my dirty-old-man crushes.

I’m pretty sure it was a special thing because this was the 100th episode.

I thought the song was the kind of ridiculously adorable humor that’s marked the show since the beginning. I enjoyed it a lot.