Too much bacon?

Roomie got home from work, so I decided to make bacon-egg-cheese muffins. I tried to put three half-slices of bacon on her muffin, and she said ‘That’s too much bacon!’

I understand the words individually, but I don’t understand the meaning when arranged in that order. :confused:

She meant, "Bacon, that’s too much! Thank you Johnny. Are we out of tomatoes? "

Friggin’ roomies… always in need of a beat down.

I’d have grabbed the muffin and jammed it into her face, rubbing it violently until she was driven to the floor, covered in muffin crumbs, with the faint smell of bacon lingering on her face.

I’d toss the egg and cheese on her, then top her off with the other muffin half.

I’d eat the bacon as I stepped over her and walk away.

Are you a Kennedy?

I could see my wife saying this, because she is currently going to Weight Watchers and meticulously counting her “points”. One piece of bacon is something like four points, and she only gets 29 a day. But unless you are dieting or a vegan, I agree with the Johnny - that just makes no sense.

Your roommate is either dieting or insane.

I love bacon, but more than 4 pieces and I start feeling kinda lousy. I have similar problems with other fatty foods.

Mmmm…too much bacon.

First the spider, now this? I’m with Philster.

I, for one, agree with your roommate. Bacon, as good as it is, is way, way, way overdone.

Three rashers is not too many for a breakfast muffin!

One rasher is what you get at a drive-through. Two, and you’re talking acceptability. Three is just right.

I agree. Four might be a little crowded.

But I am a fan of overstuffed sandwiches. The ones we order at work tend to have about two inches worth of ham or the like.

The correct response should have been: Why is there muffin and egg with this bacon? Dump her: she’s clearly not right for you.

More for you. :slight_smile:

There is no such thing as too much bacon.

Funny how that worked out, innit? :smiley:

How I miss bacon.
We no longer eat pork products in my house (not my idea).
I like turkey bacon, but it’s not the same. :frowning:

Or both.

I sort of agree with the roommate. Bacon is like cheese, in that a little bit makes (almost) everything better, but you can in fact have too much cheese or bacon, at which point you’ve made everything worse. A lot of bacon could easily make something too salty or fatty to be palatable anymore.

I will say, though, that 3 slices of bacon never equals “too much.” Three half-slices is over on the “not enough” side of the spectrum.

Bacon and butter on a toasted English muffin. That’s all anybody needs. Maybe extra butter.