Top 11 known arrests/crimes from the family that was to restore dignity..

Why does this not surprise me in the least? It was emailed to me today. Urban myths, or sad pathetic truths that once again punch big holes in the Honesty, Law-Abidingness, Purity and Superiority of the sitting Administration and their intimates…

Kind of makes me very badly miss Bill Clinton.



How does Dick Cheney get included as a member of the Bush family? As for the charges: I’ve heard of Bush’s DWI before; everyone knows about Jenna and Barbara; and a coworker told me about Neil Bush about a year ago.

Although never charged, George “Dubya” Bush never completed his full military service requirement in the Texas National Guard.

I dunno a darned thing about Texas law- or the laws concerning duty in the Texas National Guard. Is there a Doper out there who can speak with authority on whether or not this is a legal issue?

Diceman, he’s in the White House. Cheney is included because he sits in the White House, as Vice President. No, he’s not blood family. Yes, he has placed himself at the same moral height as the rest of the First Family, hence the inclusion. He ran on the same platform- Restoring Honor and Dignity to the White House- that GW Bush ran on, or is that forgotten?

Run the list of crimes. Breaking and Entering, manslaughter, DUI/DWI, larceny, violation of US Customs laws…so, like, I don’t know that I’d want this family living next door to me. In fact, with a pre-teenage daughter in my family, and a public sex crime arrest in the pile, I’m darned SURE I wouldn’t.

Yes. Honor and Dignity. Nice job on the restoration. Thank god you guys weren’t hired to resore the Washington Monument, it’d have wound up bent like a pretzel.

At what point do we stop holding parents responsible for what their kids do? As parents, you do the best you can, but sometimes it just doesn’t matter. Among my sibs - 5 of us raised in the same house by the same parents, you’ll find a variety of values and experiences, from me (the goody-goody) to the substance abuser. How is it the parents’ fault if 4 of the 5 turn out fine and one is always in trouble? If my brother was a mass-murderer instead of a CPA, would that make me defective by association?

That’s just my way of wondering why what the Bush kids do have anything to do with the parents. Now, if said parents constantly bail out the kids and brush their crimes under the carpet, that’s another story. But judging someone based on what other family members do is wrong.

Regardless, who among us have lived perfect lives? Who’s never screwed up? No, I’m not a fan of the current administration, but I don’t see the point of this sort of “revelation” …

I’m not agreeing or disagreeing with the OP, but keeping tabs on the kids & siblings is par for the course, otherwise I would have no knowledge of Roger Clinton or Billy Carter!

Hey, I found a Roger Clinton CD in a freebie bin a few years ago…think it’s worth anything?!?

I remember Rush Limbaugh mocking Chelsea Clinton, calling her “the White House dog.” Calling the Bush daughters on the drinking infractions doesn’t even come CLOSE to that level of sleaze, but then again, Rush fits right in with the Bush family in terms of moral stature, hypocritical junkie that he is.

Dick Cheney was cloned from George Bush (snr)'s DNA during genetic experiments at Area 51 in the 50’s.

Off to the Pit.

Trade you for a Billy Beer!

Somehow, I can see Chaney cruising around with a brown paper bag in his lap - and no, that’s not a metaphor for Mrs. Chaney. So is he an honorary Bush or what?

Now who wants to work on the Kennedy police blotter? I think we all know that being a privileged hypocrites isn’t the exclusive right of either party.

What’s the Straight Dope on #6, Laura Bush’s record (expunged) for vehicular homicide?

The usual crap.

Laura Bush went thru a stop sign when she was 17, and hit a friend’s car. He died. No charges were ever filed, so the accusation that she was convicted of vehicular homicide and had her record expunged is a lie.



Translation: Bush’s nephew got a blowjob from a girl in a mall parking lot and had the good sense not to do it before the election.

Laura Bush - Nov. 6, 1963 “Current First Lady Laura Bush ran a stop sign when she was 17 years old. She crashed into another car driven by her close friend Michael Douglas. While it was clearly a horrible personal tragedy for Mrs. Bush, the ultimate political fall out was nil.”
From everything I’ve seen she was never charged with vehicular homicide/manslaughter but was charged with running a stop sign.

I don’t know about the “records expunged” part of it, but the thread is about known arrests/crimes among the Bush family, not convictions. I shall be charitable and assume that your use of the word “conviction” was a simple error and not an attempt to undermine the OP by a sleazy word-substitution tactic.

I think the point is to emphasize the hypocrisy of an administration that has held itself out to be moral paragons. Rather ironic for the so-called champions of “family values” to have such a checkered past. The Bushes and their opened the door to this sort of thing by claiming that they were somehow morally superior to the prior administration.

But hey, if you act sanctimonious enough and hold enough “prayer breakfasts” it excuses anything you actually DO, doesn’t it?

There was no arrest in the so-called “sodomy” incident. Plus, I think they were just plain fucking.

Bwhaaa! Fuck the proof or any simple explanations. Let’s run rampant with the accusations!

Do you not realize where this leaves the Clintons?

I dare anyone to find a politician who doesn’t have a soiled background. I won’t hold my breath.

Sure, but which family was putting themselves forth as an example of “family values”?

Personally, I don’t care how they live their lives, as long as they’re not hypocritical about it.