Top 6@6 Poll Week #37: Post Your 6 Favorite Cracker Tracks (With Week #36's Results)

Subtitled: Guess who’s back? Back Again…No! Not that srawny, no-talent, wanna-be. Me! The slender, non-rappin, unbleached host of your 6@6 (Who wouldn’t know Dre if he tripped over him!).

1st: Last Week (#36’s) Poll Quick Tallies
Previous Week’s Turnout: Quite Heavy – In facy=t, I’d describe it as near record-breaking.
[ul][li]Sheryl Crow Featured Poll: 20 Voters / 120 Selections, []Chicago Headliner Poll: 22 Voters / 131 Selections & []Jim Croche Supplemental Poll: 20 Voters / 115 Selections []Voted in all 3 polls: 5 Dopers: Fish42 Kevja  thermalribbon  Ol’Gaffer  cmkeller[]Voted in 2 outta 3 polls (Which ain’t bad): 8 Dopers: astorian  Spit  Hugh Jass  Dragon Phoenix  RealityChuck  Tit Whistle  scout1222  Kepi[/ul][/li]
2nd: The Mailbag
Questions, Answers, Issues, Requests & Honorable Mentionsa) Non-Thread Questions:
(From a few e-mails (Most recently from elfkin477 – who likes to light a fire under my as every year or two) & An old thread from Mr.Blue Sky in Café Society (Entitled: Hey, JohnBckWLD, where’s the Top 6@6?)
Sorry. Between my extra work (where the results are tabulated & is thread is composed), my business and other distractions, commitments and the like; I opted to take a 20-month sabbatical from running these threads. (I was only supposed to be 4 weeks, but who says the Europeans are the only ones who take excessively long vacations?) I like doing these threads – and now that I’ve gotten back into the groove - hopefully we can all keep plowing along.

b) Your Comments & Queries:
(None were made or asked in Week #36 which ran all the way back in January 2003)
With the exception of cmkeller’s need for assistance with the track title on the duet by Sheryl Crow & Kid Rock: I tallied it as the track: ‘Picture’*
A Minor Aside: Annie Xmas, you chose ‘I Got A Name’ twice in the Croce poll. I only counted it once.

c) Future Poll Requests:
(None were made in any of the Week #36 polls)
I hope we pretty much have all bases covered until we hit the ‘D’ artists

d) Honorable Mentions:
Sunshine: It was nice reading your liner notes and kind words in your requested Croce poll.
Spit (One of the nicest posters in the 6@6) is no longer a member of the boards. I’m gonna miss their posts.

e) Week #37’s Poll Requests:
(If it wasn’t for the following dopers, the polls listed below would not have been run. Whether you consider that a good or bad thing is totally a matter of opinion)
** Tit Whistle**: Who requested this weeks Featured Cracker poll.
** Tit Whistle**: Who also requested Camper Van Beethoven in this weeks Headliner poll.
Fish 42: Who pointed out we should really do a combined Alex Chilton / Big Star / Box Tops Supplemental Poll.

f) A few asides:
I figured it was time for a coding facelift. If you have any suggestions on making these 6@6 threads more readable, please let me know. I’m not expecting much in terms of responses for the next couple of weeks. For starters, this week’s 3 artists aren’t very popular. Secondly, with the polls lying dormant for such a long period of time – I don’t know how many of the people who used to post almost every week are still around. If you’ve been on the boards less than 2 years, welcome. If you’re wondering why these polls are conducted, I sometimes find myself asking that very same question. I guess the short answer would be curiosity – on top of the fact I really enjoy reading a forum where people give their opinions on what songs like. I discovered a long time ago the posters to these threads have better musical taste than any FM or satellite radio Program Director on this planet. Hopefully, after the ZZ Top poll, sometime next decade, I plan to compile all the votes from the SDMB & post them on the web and in a thread. Then I’ll burn a several volume CD set & mail ‘em out to the top voters who helped keep these threads going.

3rd: Newcomers To The 6 At 6
Your name in lights. Thanks for Voting and Welcome all. The past week’s polls had a record 8 new respondents to the 6@6

§ Ceejaytee § corvidae § Dragonblink § Jervoise § mishaa § percussion § sandalwood § Tangent §

4th: Increase the Hit Count
The Voters Who Do Vanity Searches, Past & Present – Voting in:
29 Polls:
¤ Labdad ¤
28 Polls:
¤ astorian ¤ Spit ¤
26 Polls:
¤ Fish42 ¤
21 Polls:
¤ Hugh Jass ¤ WSLer ¤
18 Polls:
¤ Kevja ¤
17 Polls:
¤ Dragon Phoenix ¤ elfkin477 ¤ RealityChuck ¤ Skijumper ¤
15 Polls:
¤ gex gex ¤ grendel72 ¤ thermalribbon ¤ Tit Whistle ¤
12 Polls:
¤ ArchiveGuy ¤ chief ¤ Ol’Gaffer ¤
11 Polls:
¤ dead0man ¤
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¤ kawliga ¤
8 Polls:
¤ capybara ¤ craiger ¤ Dryga_Yes ¤ gallows fodder ¤ HenrySpencer ¤
7 Polls:
¤BurnMeUp ¤ cmkeller ¤ hawthorne ¤ Ludovic ¤ Mr. Blue Sky ¤ Mudshark ¤ scout1222 ¤
6 Polls:
¤ 5 time champ ¤ Interrobang!? ¤ Narrad ¤ panamajack ¤ Sassy ¤
5 Polls:
¤ bibliophile ¤ fizgig ¤ Leifsmama ¤ LunaSea ¤ Newton meter ¤ plnnr ¤ WavyDavy ¤
4 Polls:
¤ Annie-Xmas ¤ Corbomite ¤ da_pope ¤ hazel-rah ¤ HoldenCaufield ¤ John Carter of Mars ¤ K364 ¤ Legomancer ¤ Nocturne ¤ pldennison ¤ RexDart ¤ The Clawman ¤ tourbot ¤
3 Polls:
¤ Ataraxy ¤ chiefhardcrab ¤ dbygawdcapn ¤ don’t ask ¤ easy e ¤ Enginerd ¤ essvee ¤ G.B.H. Hornswoggler ¤ galt ¤ Kepi ¤ Manduck ¤ marinwood ¤ Minor Irritant ¤ Nightime ¤ SisterCoyote ¤ Sunshine ¤ Wartime Consigliori ¤ widdershins ¤ Young Mr. Grace ¤
2 Polls:
¤ Adam P. ¤ angelicate ¤ brianjedi ¤ Eonwe ¤ epeepunk ¤ Fenris ¤ gonzoron ¤ Gravity ¤ Happy Lendervedder ¤ Hastur ¤ Homebrew ¤ jolemale ¤ JonScribe ¤ Kat ¤ Kyla ¤ lawoot ¤ Leechbabe ¤ Leechboy ¤ Living Dead Girl ¤ Lockz ¤ Mr. Wrong ¤ nitroglycerine ¤ parmachene ¤ pepperlandgirl ¤ percypercy ¤ Second Echo ¤ Skeezix ¤ spooje ¤ stylize ¤ The Big Cheese ¤ White Lightning ¤
1 Poll:
¤ 11811 ¤ 5-HT ¤ adam yax ¤ agroof ¤ Airbeck ¤ AlbertRose ¤ An Arky ¤ andrew Dupont ¤ andros ¤ arachnidlove ¤ Auction Barn Messiah ¤ auntie em ¤ Ave Minerva ¤ Bad Hat ¤ Badtz Maru ¤ benlormat ¤ BlackKnight ¤ bouv ¤ brachyrhynchos ¤ bristlesage ¤ bugg ¤ cainxinth ¤ cantara ¤ Caprese ¤ Carine ¤ Cat Fight ¤ Ceejaytee ¤ Chastain86 ¤ Cherry_Blossom_ ¤ chique ¤ ChristmasEve ¤ Chrome Spot ¤ clairobscur ¤ Coil ¤ corvidae ¤ dinahmoe ¤ Dragonblink ¤ Duke ¤ Eutychus ¤ even sven ¤ Fibonacci ¤ Fionn ¤ FriarTed ¤ ftg ¤ Futile Gesture ¤ gatopescado ¤ hajario ¤ hardygrrl ¤ hegel ¤ Helena ¤ Hello Again ¤ horhay_achoa ¤ Hunsecker ¤ IcicleFuzz ¤ IJ Grieve ¤ Jeremy’s Evil Twin ¤ Jervoise ¤ Jonathan Chance ¤ KarlGauss ¤ kunilou ¤ Kyomara ¤ li’l Dickie Dirtz ¤ Lilacs ¤ LindyHopper ¤ lno ¤ longjohn ¤ lothos2002 ¤ Maeglin ¤ matt_mcl ¤ mattymillhouse ¤ metroshane ¤ minty green ¤ Mirror Image egamI rorriM ¤ mishaa ¤ MoodIndigo1 ¤ Motorgirl ¤ Mr. Green Fool ¤ MsWhatsit ¤ Mystery Dog ¤ Neidhart ¤ NYR407 ¤ PatrickM ¤ percussion ¤ Politzania ¤ rackensack ¤ Reeder ¤ sandalwood ¤ saoirse ¤ scott evil ¤ Siemsi ¤ Sigmundex ¤ singular1 ¤ sirtonyh ¤ Skip on ¤ stankow ¤ Supernate ¤ Swinger ¤ Tangent ¤ tavalla ¤ tclouie ¤ The Wrong Girl ¤ ThePyroWeasel ¤ Thunder ¤ TripleAnt ¤ typhoon ¤ Ukulele Ike ¤ Usram ¤ vibrotronica ¤ vinryk ¤ waits ¤ waterj2 ¤ Zelmph(!) ¤ Zoggie ¤ -zorch ¤

5th: Week #36’s Featured Poll Artist Results:
Here are your Sheryl Crow Selections (20 Respondents/120 Votes):

1ST PLACE: 18 Votes
My Favorite Mistake
2ND PLACE: 14 Votes
Leaving Las Vegas
3RD PLACE: 13 Votes
All I Wanna Do
4TH PLACE: 12 Votes
Every Day Is A Winding Road § If It Makes You Happy
5TH PLACE: 9 Votes
A Change (Would Do You Good)
6TH PLACE: 6 Votes
There Goes The Neighborhood
7TH PLACE: 4 Votes
Anything But Down § Run Baby Run § Strong Enough § Sweet Rosalyn
8TH PLACE: 3 Votes
Can’t Cry Anymore
9TH PLACE: 2 Votes
Love is a Good Thing § Redemption Day § Steve McQueen § The Difficult Kind § You Don’t Bring Me Anything But Down
RUNNERS UP: 1 Vote Each
Abilene § Hole In My Pocket § Mississippi § Picture (Sheryl Crow w/ Kid Rock) § Soak up the Sun § We Do What We Can § You’re Not the One

6th: Week #36’s Headliner Poll Artist Results
Here are your Chicago Selections (22 Respondents /131 Votes):

1ST PLACE: 14 Votes
25 Or 6 To 4
2ND PLACE: 11 Votes
Beginings § Saturday In The Park § Wishing You Were Here
3RD PLACE: 10 Votes
Make Me Smile
4TH PLACE: 9 Votes
Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?
5TH PLACE: 8 Votes
Feeling Stronger Everyday § I’m A Man § Color My World
6TH PLACE: 5 Votes
(I’ve Been) Searchin’ So Long § Hard To Say I’m Sorry/Get Away § If You Leave Me Now
7TH PLACE: 3 Votes
Old Days
8TH PLACE: 2 Votes
Baby, What A Big Surprise § Ballet for a Girl in Buchanan § Questions 67 And 68 § Southern California Purples
RUNNERS UP: 1 Vote Each
A Hard Risin’ Morning Without Breakfast § Alive Again § Along Comes a Woman § At the Sunrise § Call On Me § Caravan § Hard Habit to Break § Harry Truman § I Don’t Wanna Live Without Your Love § Liberation § Livin’ In The Limelight (Peter Cetera Solo) § Look Away § Love Me Tomorrow § Now More Than Ever § Stay the Night § Take Me As I Am § You Are on My Mind
7th: Week #36’s Supplemental Poll Results
Here are your James Croce Selections (20 Respondents /115 Votes):

1ST PLACE: 18 Votes
2ND PLACE: 14 Votes
I Got A Name
3RD PLACE: 10 Votes
You Don’t Mess Around With Jim
4TH PLACE: 9 Votes
Bad, Bad Leroy Brown § I’ll Have to Say I Love You In a Song § Time In A Bottle
5TH PLACE: 8 Votes
Lover’s Cross
6TH PLACE: 6 Votes
Working at the Car Wash Blues
7TH PLACE: 5 Votes
These Dreams
8TH PLACE: 4 Votes
Photographs & Memories
9TH PLACE: 3 Votes
Box #10 § It Doesn’t Have to Be That Way § One Less Set Of Footsteps § Roller Derby Queen
10TH PLACE: 2 Votes
Tomorrow’s Gonna Be a Brighter Day
RUNNERS UP: 1 Vote Each
Alabama Rain § Chain Gang Medley § Dreamin’ Again § Hard Time Losing Man § Hard Way Every Time § New York’s Not My Home § Rapid Roy (That Stock Car Boy) § Walking Back to Georgia § Which Way Are You Going?

7th: Tentative Schedule & Disclaimers
Featured / Headliner / Supplemental Poll. Based on requests and the like:
[ul][li]This Week #37: Cracker (for Tit Whistle) / Camper Van Beethoven (for Tit Whistle) & Alex Chilton / Big Star / Box Tops (for Fish 42).[/li] [li]Next Week #38: Creed / Counting Crows (for Treviathan) & Crowded House.[/li][li]Twang Week #39: Creedence Clearwater Revival / John Fogerty & Commander Cody (for Labdad).[/li][li]The One I’ll Hate Tallying – Week #40: CSN(&Y) (for cmkeller) / Neil Young & Stills / Manassas, Crosby / Nash & Others. []The One I’m look Forward To – Week #41: The Cure / The Cult / The Chemical Brothers (for gex gex) & The Church (for hawthorne)[]Fish Week #42: Ray Charles / Sam Cooke & Marshall Crenshaw (ALL for Fish42).[/ul][/li]
8th: This Week #37’s Headliner Poll
I can’t provide a link to it because the featured poll and results get posted first. Access it one of 3 ways: (1)Click the link on my signature. (2)Access it through the Café Society page. (3)Bog down the server and do a search on: The 6@6 Headliner Poll… Camper Van Beethoven. The Headliner Poll also includes links to all the past polls.

9th: Week #37’s Supplemental Poll
Find it the same way you find the Headliner Poll. The 6@6 Supplemental 6@6 Poll… Alex Chilton / Big Star / Box Tops…At Fish 42’s request. As a regular feature, The Supplemental Poll also includes The “Straight Dope Message/(Bill) Board" Top Vote Getters List (So Far). Check it out and see if “Watching the Detectives” will be knocked out of the coveted top position.

**Lastly: Week #37’s Featured Artist Poll **
All you have to do is list your six favorite tracks from this week’s featured artist. If you’d like to add your own liner notes or opinions, please go right ahead – I, for one, love reading them. If you specify a live version, it will be noted, but tallied with the studio version. Cover versions are acceptable, as are duets and off-shoot projects. Please try to be as accurate as possible when naming your favorite tracks.
Without further ado…David Lowery’s 2nd Band: Cracker.

Here are my 6 CRACKER selections:

  1. Movie Star
  2. Sweet Thistle Pie
  3. Euro-Trash Girl
  4. Get Off This
  5. I Hate My Generation
  6. Low

Thanking you all in advance. Hope to see some of you over at the Camper Van Beethoven & (maybe even one of you over at the) Alex Chilton / Big Star / Box Tops polls. Have a great week!

Hooray! Welcome back!

Cracker? Don’t know a single song by 'em. Good to know CCR is coming up, though (I’ve heard of them :stuck_out_tongue: ).


Who knew that pestering people could work?

  1. The Good Life
  2. I Hate My Generation
  3. Teen Angst (What The World Needs Now)
  4. Get Off This
  5. Low
    But “Guarded By Monkeys” is the coolest title. ever. Given I have a bumper sticker about Ninja monkeys, one can’t be surprised that I think so.

I hope I voted in the Chicago poll, but I don’t remember now, it has been so long. They were my favorites back when I was 17-18 years old.

Yes, you did. In this thread. I wouldn’t have even directly answered that you posted the following (back on 01-20-2003 @ 09:11 PM):

…Had it not been for:

  1. The fact that long since forgotten Chicago thread was an add-in request made by you
  2. The thread was subtitled: “OK Alex, I’ll take Windy City Bands for $200”
  3. And that thermalribbon posted a somewhat similar sentiment:
  1. Low
  2. Movie Star (winning major bonus points for the part about the chief of police struggling with the fact that he’s an anarchist)
  3. Take Me Down To The Infirmary
  4. Nostalgia
  5. Teen Angst
  6. I See The Light

Yes, my picks are concentrated on Cracker’s first two albums. I was pretty underwhelmed by “The Golden Age” and gave up on the band after that.

Eurotrash Girl
Sweet Potato
Teen Angst
Get off This

Gets out my Cracker CDs…

  1. Eurotrash Girl
  2. Teen Angst (What the World Needs Now)
  3. I’m A Little Rocket Ship
  4. Sick of Goodbyes
  5. Big Dipper
  6. Movie Star
  1. Dr. Bernice
  2. Kerosene Hat
  3. Eurotrash Girl
  4. Teen Angst
  5. Duty Free
  6. Get Off This
  1. Can I Take My Gun to Heaven?
  2. Eurotrash Girl
  3. Heaven Knows I’m Lonely Now
  4. Movie Star
  5. Nothing To Believe In
  6. Miss Santa Cruz County

Hmmm, I am sort of conflicted. I want to vote here just to “unvote” low, but mhy rule for posting here is I need to know at least 6 songs by a band to post here, even if my final list contains less than 6 (I used this rule in the Cake poll to try to “unvote” Never There.)

So I won’t count this as a poll, but let me mention here that the only two Cracker songs I can stand that I have heard are Eurotrash Girl and Teen Angst. That is all.

  1. Ain’t That Strange (Forever, 2002)
  2. Get Off This (Karosene Hat, 1993)
  3. How Can I Live Without You (The Golden Age, 1996)
  4. Forever (Forever, 2002)
  5. Shine (Forever, 2002)
  6. Teen Angst (Cracker, 1992)

For those of you who stopped Cracker-ing around Golden Age (1996), might I suggest Forever (2002). I really dig it, 'case you couldn’t tell.