Top Lesbian Love Songs

Take Me Or Leave Me from the musical RENT, sung between the needy drama queen Maureen and her no-nonsense lawyer lover Joanne.

I didn’t think anyone else would have heard of this album (or the performer, for the that matter). My wife has a copy of this from her what she calls her “radical-feminist-won’t-shave-my-armpits” phase.

For whatever it is worth, Holly Near is no longer a lesbian (IIRC).

Explictly heterosexual, but a good friend of mine came out when The White Stripes’ “Fell in Love with a Girl” was a big hit, and she made it her personal anthem.

She hates the Joss Stone cover, since she changed it to “Fell in Love with a Boy”. I like the cover based on Stone’s vocals, but I agree that it was a missed oppurtunity.

Adia by Sarah MacL

I remember her comments about why she wasn’t interested in playing Lilith Faire, that she likes testosterone too much, then mentions that the only male deity who’d fit in there is “that little fairy Hermes, and some of the women playing at Lilith Faire probably have more testosterone than him.”

I love Tori!

This may just be me, but I always got a fair bit of lesbian subtext from the Dixie Chicks’ I’ll take care of you


  • “What can a working girl do… I’ll take care of you.”
  • “Let them talk about us, let them call us funny things.”
  • “When the laughter dies away…”

Nothing conclusive there I know, but I thought I’d contribute that as a ‘maybe’.

Same ol’ Situation by Motley Crue.

That album has a remake of Herman’s Hermit’s"Mrs. Brown You’ve Got A Lovely Daughter." I was wondering where I heard that verson from! Smooch

I’ve downloaded about 12 of the above AND bought Lesbian Favorites. You guys rock!

I definitely second “Mamma’s Got a Girlfriend Now” by Ben Harper.

Try Dar WilliamsIowa and Wilder than Her.

You could also throw in Sixpence None the Richer’s cover of “There She Goes.” Bonus irony points on this one, as Sixpence started out as a Christian rock group.

Kiss that Counted by Catie Curtis.

Sarah McLachlan is a lesbian? I thought she was married to a man?

This is an ideal thread for one of my favorite jokes.

Q: What do you call 1000 lesbians with assault rifles?
A: Militia Etheridge

Sleater-Kinney recorded a slew of sapphic hump-dittys (see their albums Call the Doctor and *Dig Me Out * especially) including **One More Hour ** (actually I can’t figure out if she’s singing to a girl or a doll), Buy Her Candy and I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone.

Bah. Magnolia Street.

How about “Under Your Spell” from BtVS Once More With Feeling?

And Phase42, you totally owe me a monitor cleansing!!!

Tracy Chapman - For My Lover

Mel C featuring Lisa “Left eye” Lopes - Never Be The Same Again

Ok, it’s horribly not trendy, but it’s nice if you read it as a love song beteen two girl-friends who have become girlfriends.

“Miss Celie’s Blues” by Mother Tongue, from their self-produced CD *Sister.

Sister, you’ve been on my mind
Sister, we’re two of a kind
Sister, I’m keepin my eye on you*.