Tornado Warnings. Spring Has Sprung

The birds are singing. The flowers and the trees are in bloom. The National Weather Service is issuing tornado warnings. Spring is here folks! We just went through the first tornado warning of the season here in south Georgia. From the looks of things, we may get more before the day is over. Ahhh Spring and those all important tell tale signs that it has arrived!

We now return you to your regularly scheduled mundane pointlessness.

Ah, spring, when a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of evacuation and tornado shelters. :wink:

And I was just tellin’ VunderWife that I’d rather have tornadoes than snow…

Now, if it were ACBG and me alone in a tornado shelter… :smiley:

The wisteria is just about to bloom, a harbinger of hail if there ever was one.

We had a tornado warning over the weekend. In California. Weird, but I have seen two here. One was even strong enough to devastate a shed roof.

There was one last night a couple of parishes east of me. At least there isn’t much out there to get hit. We were under a watch, but didn’t get any bad storms right overhead, just a little bit of lightning and thunder.

I DO NOT LIKE STORMS. I’m going to hate it here until storm season is over.

Just like in that movie. You know, where the tornadoes hit LA then a big ice storm hits NYC and all that. Ummmm… Day After Tomorrow?

Oh boy. Tornado season in Macon. Like we need anything else to turn the population into slobbering idiots.

A couple of years ago, we had two funnel clouds at once come down about 600 yards from where I was happily making grits at the Waffle House. That was fun. I went outside in the wind and called my parents to tell them I loved them, ya know, just in case. Yeah, the grits were ruined, and I guess it sucked that the rich neighborhood got a bit torn up.

Ah, spring… Hurricane Season is nearly here. And you think you got problems. :stuck_out_tongue: