Travoltify your username

John Travolta mangled the name of singer Idina Menzel at the Oscars on Sunday (“Adele Dazeem?” Really, John? You’re given one responsibility at the show on Sunday and you can’t not f it up? Really?), and now Slate has an app for you to get your own name mangled in truly Travolta fashion.

So what’s your new username?

I’m Henry Lopeez.

Saif Alexernder

Hi, I’m Alastair Bailerey.
(My RL name travoltified is even funnier.)

Henry Weed.

I’m Shea Sorphens. I quite like that, actually.

Reuben Coof

Ewan Thompseen. Not sure what to think about that.

Hi. I’m Maisie.

I’m Simon.



Hi, I’m Wesley!

Please don’t beam me into space!


It’s not working on my mobile. I’d love to see what John does with “Gnu.”

Nice to meet you, “Gabriella”. :slight_smile:



“You had one job, Jan Thozomas!”

Wiktor Edbrards

What? That’s longer than my screen name.

I did this last night on another board and used a longer version of my screen name that I use there and got a totally different name.

By the way, L. Ron Hubbard is Lyall Rozz

Jaiden Jerrdan

I don’t get it.