Your username?

How did you come by your username?
This question was asked almost 2 years ago (Sept 99), and was fun and interesting. So I thought I’d renew it, and give the newbies a chance.
Here’s the old one;
You can read it to get an idea of what’s up, but let’s start a new one so’s it doesn’t get too crowded. Old and new are welcome.
I’ll start;
My username, ‘mangeorge’, was given to me many years ago by an old girlfriend. I have no idea what it means.
Isn’t this fun? :wink:

Mine comes about because of my horrid penmanship. I was told that it looks like I write Lsura instead of Laura at times.

Nothin’ fancy there.

Ummm…this (Carina) was the name my parents gave me when I was born. I was named after a sailboat that won some trans Atlantic race the year I was born…my dad was into boats.

And I used to be 42. :smiley:

When I picked my username, I did not know exactly what it meant. I knew that it was some sort of rap slang, rather degrading. I just looked it up tonight. Mr. Google found some rather disparate opinions on the subject.

Now, I am a 19 year old white male college student. Is the moniker applicable? Maybe. Is it still the bomb, yo? Bien sur. There is also a cool web site with which I am unaffiliated.

I used to play a game called EverQuest. My favourite character was my little Halfling Rogue. I named her Mauvaise Surin (loosely translates to wicked dagger).

When I signed up here, I just decided to use her name for my own. I use it just about everywhere now.

Mine is from Roger Zelazny’s Chronicals of Amber

Arden is the great forest that makes up Amber’s land border and Ranger’s are those that patrol and defend Forest Arden and Amber’s borders. So, one who serves in those ranks is called an Arden Ranger.

My parents gave it to me.

Bah. That would be the Chronicles of Amber

Total lack of imagination here, in the real world, I am a (Transportation) Planner, and male, and it sounded kinda good run together. Actually, I’m as much an analyst as a planner, but … well, let’s not go there.

Altho’ there was this thread (or part of one) once about whether the first four letters of analyst are just a coincidence, or have some psychological meaning.

I guess if I’d done that my username would be Farcid. **I couldn’t think of anything when I signed up so **Shayna/b] suggested this name.

Oh hell. Oh Moderator! Can you fix my coding please?

IRL I am named Toni Rose, after the Bob Wills song San Antonio Rose. Hence T. Rose (tea rose–get it?).

I’ve been using mine for years, long before this board, heck I had it as a license plate for almost a year before finding the SD. I’m not sure where it came from, but there was something requiring something else for some other thing and it just sort of showed up.

Well, I liked having a moniker that lowered people’s expectations of how chipper I was going to be.

But the phrase generally comes from an old ex: his mom said he was “born an old man” and since then I’ve seemed to have a lot of men in my life like that. Set in their ways, and fairly cranky. Most recently my last housemate, and he’s the one I was really thinking of when I picked a name. Not sure what it says about me that I get along so well with crabby folk…

Mine came from a six-year-old (and doesn’t it sound like it did!). My friend’s brother said his new name was Fire Underpants Boobs, and demanded to be called that. I adopted this name as my own, because who doesn’t like fire, underpants, and boobs? Indeed.

Name of a pen. Way back, one of my friends named two of his pens “Cleophus” and “Bob”. Cleophus was “killed” when someone bent it in half. Basically, I was feeling silly at the time, so I decieded to “honor” the pen. Real weird. I know. I guess it’s good I didn’t use my other choice, Garfipus. The explanation for that one would get really weird.

Well, I think it must have been a late night with QVC hawking Gen-U-ine Rooobies and one too many brews. :smiley:

mangeorge, Thanks for the opportunity to bring this newbie on board.

Well, I very rarely cut my hair except for football, so for about 5-10 weeks of the year I have a really really big puff of hair. So, most people at my school call me Fro, and well, I decided to use somethin like that on the net. Unfortunately I misspelled Fromeister, but I’m not gonna worry about gettin it changed, makes people wonder what a Fromesiter is.

My 8 month old daughter’s favorite babyfood is “Blueberry Buckle”. When my mother found this out, she busted laughing, because it was mine as a baby too–almost 30 years ago. So, hense the username “Blueberry Buckle”.

I named myself after my dog, in a roundabout sort of way.

When I first got my dog Sandy, she was half-starved and not housebroken, but full grown. We kept her in the garage the first few days. One night she got into the boxes of books I kept out there and she started to eat them. You can imagine what I said then. (And no, it wasn’t “Dear, oh dear, someone seems to have eaten my books.” :mad:)

Later, I put a book-eating heck-puppy[sup]1[/sup] into my first novel. Searching for an adjective to describe him, I came up with bibliophagistic, from the Greek roots meaning “book” and “devour”.

When I got my first webmail account in 1997, I was going to call myself bibliophagist (since I devour books), but bibliophage sounded better. It was only a few months before I registered here that I learned that bibliophage is a not-very-common French word meaning “bookworm”.

[sup]1[/sup]A heckpuppy is a less insidious relation of the hellhound. You can’t own a heckpuppy, since they are already possessed. (Heckpuppies and hellhounds are not to be confused with Devil Dogs, which are something else entirely.)