Your username?

Is it “think snow” – as if you were a skiing enthusiast or something – or “thinks now”?

My original SDMB username was Shy Ghost.

Decided to change it to Atreyu, after one of the main characters in a book that I enjoyed tremendously as a kid, and still enjoy today.

I chose** Osip** becasue it is the first name of a poet I enjoy reading Osip Mandelstam.

Funny thing is, months later another poster registered who was also a fan of this Obscure(in amreica) Russian poet.

You might have seen her in the pit (is where I see her posts from time to time) Mandelstam

there ya go, two killed with one stone.


This wasn’t by chance around the time of Boy George was it?

Mine, well it comes from the way my last name is pronounced (first syllable), plus it has a silent K. It is what many friends in school would call me Kniz. Maybe it is too simple. Should I change it to fender bender?

Not that it’s a big thing, mangeorge, but there’s been at least two “username origin” threads since I started here at the beginning of the year. Unfortunately, I can’t prove it right now, because I keep being whacked back out of the Search function.

Waaaay back in the when I got into the whole BBS thing, I wanted a handle that sounded “cool” and “tough” and “older” (especially older…I’d just discovered the joys of downloaded porn.)

I picked Fenris, 'cause it sounded that way to me (and I didn’t have enough experience to know that it actually made me sound like a Hell’s Angel wannabe). Anyway I’ve stuck with it 'cause it’s familiar, and it’d be weird to change it now. Plus, well…I kinda like it at this point.

(But I ain’t biting anyone’s hand off.)


Given to me by a friend, 'cause I am a “Foxy, fiery lady”. And BTW, I did not steal it from Foxfyre I had mine before he did. So :stuck_out_tongue:

Ice Wolf says I have a cool name. Glad somebody thinks so. I love you Ice Wolf!!!

That could be, Ice Wolf. I was able to search back two years, on MPSIMS, and only found the old one I remembered. Maybe in another forum? Belongs here, though.
If you find the others, maybe the mods could kinda moosh 'em all together. The more the merrier, IMO.
Anyway, I’m enjoying this.
So, what the hell’s an Ice Wolf? :wink:
BTW; Thanks Merper32, wherever you are, for the other thread. :slight_smile:

I have red hair (see link in sig). I desparately needed an alias while working in a job where I didn’t want slimy clientele to know my real name.

Alice is my middle name, and clearly, this IS wonderland.

I used to always fall out of bed in the middle of the night… i slept on the top bunk. I made the sound “Wump”. The name stuck.

Yes i know it technically is spelt “Whump” with that H in there, but for some reason that’s never the way my parents spelt it… bloody illiterates.

I named myself after two individuals for whom I have a great deal of admiration, and with whom I have had in common certain…ahhh…hair “issues”. Tho I have mine cut short now :smiley:

mine comes from the man who saved my life…indirectly…ok, very indirectly. andrea amati was the first famous maker of violins, way back c. 1550. before i was serious about my playing, i used alot of drugs. i decided that i enjoyed playing, and i couldn’t succeed in playing and be a drug addict. so i started going to AA meetings.

oh, and BTW

I was prancing around Knott’s Berry Farm with some really good friends and the girls got little circlets and wands of flowers and ribbon.

I proclaimed myself a Fairy Princess.
My then boyfriend always called me his “pretty kitty” thus came the name Fairy Princess Kitty.


Toby was my beloved west highland terrier who passed away in my arms some years ago.

Well, since you asked

Hey, cut me some slack, how many times do you get a legitimate chance to link to your first thread?

The explanation of my username is about halfway down the thread.

One day, Mr. kitten and I were discussing the Oz books and how great they are. We decided that L. Frank Baum was a dirty old man and had put sexual references into the books.

Because I was in a weird mood, I chose pink kitten, which is the name of Dorothy’s kitten, see sig…:wink:

My real name = Graeme which has been contracted by scores of relatives (esp. on my wife’s side) to “grim”

My wife’s nickname is Nix, and since she looks impish, I turned that into “pixie”

Put the two together and you get “grimpixie”, and with the connotations of the more famous “reaper”, I thought it a rather cool handle…


I got my [current] username after reading in one of my physics books about the 0th law of thermodynamics.
Apparently, there were three laws, but then they decided that those three laws couldn’t exist without a fourth, but
if they made it the fourth it wouldn’t make any sense, so they made it the zeroth law. I liked the word so much I just
started using it.

But this is not my “first” or even “forever” username, I’ve had about a billion before it, I seem to change it every
week or two because I can’t find one that seems to fit. Maybe this one will?

My job when I registered was in undersea (sub-) fiber optics (-light).