Treasure Hunters 6/26

I fear for the Wyld Hanllyns.

I fear that there’s more like them at home.

Maybe it’s the Mountain Dew, but I thought this was a great episode. I think I really like this show – but the host is terrible. Just … terrible. There aren’t even words.

Also, I would like to know what denomination the Fogals belong to, so I can stay the hell away. They are not nice people, I don’t care what they try to say. They actually make me miss Ma Weaver, if you can possibly imagine.

Hmm … and the preview for next week intrigues me, although I suspect I may know what’s going on there. But, then again, maybe not.

Oh come on, how can you not love them? Pecking through every rock and branch, and then stopping in the middle of a leg to grab some burgers? “I’ve travelled all over the world.” “You went to Amsterdam once and you got wasted.” Heeeeeee hee hee hee hee!

Effing Fauxgals. Big fakers. I hate them. Did you catch how Mama Fauxgal was all “let’s say a prayer for everyone else” and then pretty much prayed just for themselves? Much like TAR, God is in the tub, bitch.

I hate their “it’s okay if we’re assholes, aslong as we pray later’” attitude. I wonder if they passed the plate to pay for those tanning bed sessions.

Yeah, he sucks. They should replace him with Max Headroom, or The Chief from the animated Carmen Sandiego show.

But I just adore most of the teams. The Wyld Hanllyns are my personal faves of course, but gosh darnit, you have to admire those plucky grad students. I will miss the Brown family almost drowning in every episode.

This show has signs of greatness! I mean, really, if a team can have a member rack up a leg bad enough to require a cast, forcing the other two members to literally carry her the rest of the leg AS WELL AS a canoe…and do they lose? Hell, no, they beat TWO other teams!

And the Hanlyns! They spend 11 hours wandering around blankly in a mine, studying graffiti and pounding on random walls, fail to have the slightest clue on how to decipher the code, head off on an 80 mile trip for a burger…and do THEY lose? Hell, no.
Gotta love this show.
Go Southies! (Those AF mechdroids will burn out sooner or later.)

I missed part of last week. What exactly happened when the Fogals stole a clue? I keep hearing people comment on it, but I didn’t see it. They are just horrible people. And the daughter in the car – We couldn’t just stop the canoe with them, could we? We couldn’t have stopped midstream. They couldn’t expect that of us after they helped us carry the canoe so far!

I was just amazed by Grad Student Jessica continuing on, but it looks like maybe she can’t keep going and they will replace her with the Browns?
I like a lot of the teams, but I love the Hanlons. Being lost in the mine was comedy gold!

I hope Team Air Force doesn’t keep a huge lead throughout the show.

Why were the Browns in the previews for next week?

The Hawaii teams had to dive for a clue in a submerged metal box. The Fauxgal dad basically ripped a box out of the hands of one of the other team’s players and swam off with it.

Being first to get a clue means you have more time to rest, but then everybody starts out even again. (Well, everybody who bothers to actually wake up.) If the Junior Birdmen can keep winning legs, more power to 'em.

Okay, this post was really just a sad attempt to coin a nickname for one of the teams.

That’s sure what it looked like to me.

See, this is exactly what I don’t like about the Wyld Hanllyns: they’re too much like a good 75% of the people I work with and/or am related to. They bicker and tool around in clueless splendor and pretty much ignore the clues that everyone else is following and still end up ahead of other teams due to dumb shit luck.

But, OK, I’m a little jealous – how come I never get that kind of dumb shit luck?

I’ve already started calling them the Effing Fogals. I can’t believe they think that’s okay. Honestly outright tricking another team is one thing. Being unforgivable bastards is not. Grr.

I’m proud of the Grad Girls. They’ve got more spunk than I gave them credit for, and I’ll be sorry to see them gone. I’m pretty sure that’s how the Brown Brothers are getting back into the game, as has already been said. That’s a suck way to get eliminated.

The Wyld Hanllyns are killing me, but Otto’s got it right. Picking up every rock they see in case it’s a clue … now that’s entertainment. They get on my nerves fast and Josh seems to be the only one of them with a brain, but it’s like a train wreck–I cannot look away.

I think I actually do like it better than the Race. Not that I’ll stop watching Race, of course. But I like that they have to think as well as work. The “everybody start out at the same time” thing is working so far–there’s still a decent amount of time between first and last place, and that’s good enough for me.

Someone want to do a recap for me? Damn power went out at the local station and I missed a good 40 minutes of the show. I got the first three minutes and then the last fifteen or so. I saw the doctor come in, but then they had another power outage for a minute!

Basic synopsis for both eps. I wrote the ep 2 summary so be kind. Now if someone would just fix the goddamn chart.

Hee! Does anyone see a resemblance between Ma Effin’ Fauxgal and actress Jane Lynch?

I, too, wondered about the appearance of the Browns on the preview. And I, too, hate the hologram of a host.

Damn, I missed it.
Anybody know if they replay it and when?

I think I’ll come back in 3 weeks when the really weak teams are eliminated and I can start concentrating on teams that could possibly win.
I’m not sure if it was given away in the clue, or just the video shown to us, but obviously the best solution to the canoe was to let the first teams struggle with where the box was and then just swoop in and catch up immediately.
Lastly, wake up early (2:20am), 200mile (10 hour) drive to the Mine(12:20pm), search the mine and go to Wood Bridge(? time maybe 4 hours? 4:20pm) and then canoe for 20 miles before dusk. Not sure what time of year they’re playing at, but nonetheless there’s no way for any team to finish that before dusk. So big bunching begins early.

They stopped. In the middle of a task. For Burger King.

I… I just… there are no words. I don’t know whether to love them or cry.

Mullett-guy has to be one of the dumbest guys on the planet. If I were from Texas, I’d be cringing every time he shows up on air. He is dumb in a lovable kind of way, though. If he ever figures out a clue on his own I think I’ll keel over.