Triple Digits! Wooo......*ahem*....hoo...I guess...

Well, here I am…post 100…

Not terribly auspicious, I suppose, but it took me 14 months to get here…

Been lurkin’ on the Dope since '99, and finally registered in Nov. '01.

Don’t know if I’ve made any friends in that time (or enemies) but I sure have enjoyed it!

  • Dirk

Who are you? :smiley:

Good on you! And, as I often say around here (broken record that I am) – cool username, mate!

Cheers! :slight_smile:

Is it for post count, semen count or penile length :stuck_out_tongue:

(thanks for the tip with excel thingie!)

Hip hip hooray! Good for you. :slight_smile: