This is my hundredth post....

I have been a member for 35 days.

I don’t own a computer. I use my work computer, or I go to an Internet cafe.

I am starting to get worried. They are noticing at work.

Is there a 12-step program I can join? Will I just calm down in time and not get so excited, argumentative, amused and (slightly) in love with all you people? Do I get bored at some point?

Any helpful suggestions on this?

I seriously thank all you amazing Dopers who make this addiction possible - don’t stop. I’ll learn to taper off.

I promise.

Just, not this week, huh?

Is this the thread about throwing up a kitten?

: :?

Oh, god, I’m so sorry,…

::exits embarassed::

:smiley: congrats!
only takes two to form a 12-step group- I’m game…

[sub]oh, this was tooo sweet to pass up.

Now you can never escape!


Hey, where’s the exit to this thread…

A 12-step programme? Nah. I LIKE my addiction. Feeds the brain.

Yeah, yeah, it’s junk food, but who cares?

I’m learning to cope with mine.

Really I am.

No, seriously.


Oh, forget it!

Congrats on 100, Redboss!

12 steps?

Everyone here fell off the wagon, so how would they know :smiley:

Congrats on 100. There was 1 guy had 50 the first day and then I don’t know if he ever hit 100. I checked in on him in the virtual hospital, but he was incoherent.

Say, THAT’s the way out! Just put a sign on your door “posting til I drop”, and when the rent’s due your landlord will shovel the babbbbling idiot you’ve become, and your computer’s smoking hulk, out into the street. Problem solved. :smiley:

Happy 100…Now you’ll never leave. Mwahaha!

Thanks everyone for the congratulations and all and it’s reassuring not to be the only one who feels so hooked.

But I think I didn’t name this thread right. Maybe I should wait a day or two and then ask “how do other people manage to combine keeping up with the board to some extent AND running their lives? Will this enthusiasm wear off a bit?”

But thanks for your thoughts so far guys.

And inor - you are a devil!! Thanks for noticing mate - I’m impressed. Do you think I can get another six months of chuckles out of it?

[sub]I met Art Garfunkle’s brother-in-law[/sub]

No worries, redboss. You can check out any time you like.

Here are the twelve steps, IIRC.

  1. Step one. We’re going to have some fun.

  2. Step two. No one else will ever do,

  3. Step three. All this typing makes me thirsty. Time for a wee little drinkie.

  4. Step four. Man that was good. How’s about another?

  5. Step five. So I said to this hoser, I said, the score is settled since I told all the whores you were arrested for vagrancy in Missouri! Oh, wait…

  6. Step six. Make thish one a double, barkeep.

  7. Step seven. Knees up,Mother Brown. Knees up…

  8. Step eight. Can you guess which SDMB poster looks like that smiling Sea Monkey with the lipstick in old comics?

  9. Step nine. I don’t care what damn type of beer! Gimme a beer, dammit! A beer!

  10. Step ten. I can quit anytime I want to.

  11. Step eleven. So my roommate hid my modem. That was so cruel. So I cut off his willy and sold it to a hot dog vendor in Copenhagen.

  12. Step twelve. It’s four in the morning and I’m still on this message board. Who needs booze? I’ve been on here so long I need to check GQ again after reading the Pit stuff.

Well, I’ve been a member of SD for about 30 minutes now and in that time I’ve read threads about lobster magnets, throwing up kittens, birth control, and people stuck in their pants.

God, I love this place.

Hell no there is no escape from this place and I absolutely love it! I think I’m bad considering I scheduled my work times late at night so I could spend more time on the SDMB and less time doing my homework. Hehe I love this place.

God Tiki, I am so with you on this. I work nights. I’m supposed to be studying. My boss is on me about getting my certification (Cisco if anyone cares). So what am I doing, reading this MB about 5 hours a night. I think I need a 20-25 step plan.

But you can never leave?

The twelve steps were hysterical, Dr_P. I’m sure I’m some where around step 12 by now… :smiley:

Congratulations Redboss on your 100th post.

About the SDMB, as stated before, you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.

Your stuck here man, it’s like that gum you can’t scrape off your shoe, that song you can’t get out of your head, that booger you can’t flick off your finger, that cold you can’t shake.

100 posts in 35 days?
Yeah, you got it, you got it good.
So enjoy yourself while you’re here.:slight_smile:

And life does go on, you just have to make time for the trvial things in life, work, personal hygiene, nourishment, family and friends.

Happy posting.:slight_smile:

This board is certainly addicting.

I have been posting less of late (and was quite addicted at first). That is because computer time is scarce around here lately, and because I also need to use the computer for job searching. And although it is not one of the perks I require, I hope I’ll find a job that lets me post from work.

You may have told this on another thread, but humor me: how did you think of your name?

----:)/ x o x o x

Thanks again, all of you.

I won’t bump this any more, but I did want to acknowledge that your comments mean a lot,and it helps to know there are others with the same feelings of being trapped, and loving it.

Replies to correspondents:
Ms Spidey mostly because I am very bossy and domineering, and I like red. If you like I’ll boss you into a new job, as I tried to here, but you’ll probably have good luck without me.

Spaz, ma man, I think all the posters here join in welcoming you, you hopeless FOOL!

Dr_Pap, Well thanks a lot, funnyman. Remember those whores you were talking to? Well one of them is my sister, Kylie, and she’s going to tell my mother, about that lie you told and when my mama get out of jail she goin’ to beat up on my ass, because of yo’ lie and Jerry, the reason I come on National TV was because he’s disrespectin’ me, and all I get is lies and I’m goin’ come round your trailer one night when’s you aint 'specting me drivel drivel drivel
I love youse all

dude- dude, fuckin relax, ok?
it’s gonna be allright, k?

So I’m in this cozy l’il bathroom type thread, makin out w/these 2 rubbing alchohol-hot babes, you BUST in askin if this is the thread bout blowin up kittens,

and I’m not supposed to remember?

Dude…i was livin for when I was gonna get you back…

as for the 6 months, i think you’re one of those lucky ones-you know, who can amuse themselves…:wink:

The odd spaz- I, along with the genuine art clark, welcome you also and wish you many happy flames, laughs, and virtual twickers. enjoi!

Congrats, Redboss!

Glad you decided to stick around. :wink:

Didn't St. Augustine say something in * Confessions * about "Make me chaste, Lord, - but not yet" ?

Thanks Lurk, for catching the DELIBERATE reference to the confessions of Saint Augustine.

But did you miss the Hitchcock reference?

And the three stooges allusion?

And the clever George W/Jeb dig…?


[sub] I love youse all[/sub]