Tripler, 2trew & Shirley Ujest

Tripler wants a thread in the pit
That says he’s a great big fat zit
I hope this will do
'Cuz I haven’t a clue
If this limerick will give him a fit

There once was a poster named 2trew
Who held his breath until he turned blue
He wanted a pit thread
But what he got instead
Was a limerick from someone that’s new

I once insulted Shirley Ujest
While getting something off of my chest
She didn’t get mad
Which makes me so glad
'Cuz I was just speaking in jest

Ooooooo…do me, do me!!

Q.E.D. wants a limerick of his own
Once I post it, it will be set in stone
So now you’ve been pitted
And a poem submitted
So you don’t have to feel so alone

Dammit, no one ever EVER pits me. NEVER!!!

There once was a Doper called Guin
Who said, “I just never win!”
Then one day the twit :wink:
Was teased in the Pit
And recieved a sharp kick to the shin!

Oooo, I want one! I’ve never been pitted either!

In this thread is a reply from Guin
All her posts seem to be free of sin
In the pit she’s not seen
Her nose always clean
Her record is neat as a pin

To pronounce Marlitharn is not easy
Its hard to make it sound breezy
But who can you blame
Once you’ve chosen your name
At least its not one that sounds sleazy

(how do you pronouce that, anyway?) :wink:

sperfur makes rhyme passing eloquent
Although in the Pit with no ill intent
In response to the few
Who actually do
Wish to show in this place of high malcontent

:smiley: Yayy! :smiley:

It’s pronounced mar - lee - THARN. Rhymes with “car be yarn.” From Watership Down. “Marli” can mean either maiden or mother, depending on the context, and “tharn” describes either the “deer in the headlight” syndrome or extreme befuddlement. (Rabbits have limited vocabulary and they have to double up.) So my user name is lapine for “befuddled mother.”

And you guys have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for someone to ask me about this. :smiley:

Great OP !
Heh, my turn :smiley: I’m sure my name is easy to rhyme


After 4550 posts about absolutely nothing, I’ve finally been *Pitted * in a round about way.


This is better than winning an Oscar.

Thanks **Sperfur **

Me too, please. And it’s pronounced MATT-mick-ELL.

I’m almost afraid to see what someone could do to LurkMeister in a limerick.

Me me me! And don’t say it’s a lost cause!!

This one came to me in a dream:

UncleBeer was mean to rhinostylee
He didn’t even tame it with a smiley
He wouldn’t back down
When some called him a clown
And many still think of him highly

When writing for someone named Goo
Of course you must use the word poo
He asked me to do it!
I couldn’t say ‘screw it’!
So Goo this here limerick’s for you

Me too, please. My name is pronounced bru-ho.

Matt_mcl is a Star Trek geek,
Canadian, and the opposite of meek
He also likes guys
So its no surprise
That some of us think he’s a freak :smiley:

(not me, of course) :wink:

Things you may not know about Lurk
A strange personality quirk
He jokes with his wife
About taking her life
But she finds his humor a perk