Trolls R Us redux [Now the argument clinic]

This is a guy who repeatedly insisted black culture was “toxic”, so it’s not terribly surprising if he’s opposed to policies meant to help black people.

You are characterizing opposition to fucking over 200 deserving asians to help out 40 random black kids; 40 random hispanic kids; and 120 whites kids as fucking over blacks because only asians matter?

So we are fucking over 200 asians for the benefits of 40 blacks and that’s me trying to fuck over blacks?

Hint: when there are a limited number of seats, IT IS A ZERO SUM GAME

If we were just letting in a few black kids I would still object because i think it hurts the black kids that got in on merit but it wouldn’t be racism. We are letting in a few black kids a bunch of white kids and taking seats from asians to do it.

The cost of this policy to asians carries no weight and that is because of racism. Asian kids are not seen as important enough to consider in policy-making.

That is what you said. It an unfortunate side effect but you seem to be OK with it. People can judge for themselves. I’m not “spinning” your words. You are simply a racist who thinks they are not a racist because their racism is in furtherance of “social justice”

Not everyone that disagrees with me is a racist. But you are. Sorry I can’t be more polite about calling out your racism.

I am in favor of policies that help black people. I am against racist policies that give the superficial appearance of helping black people so that guilt ridden white people can feel like they’ve done something.

Please try to defend your position in that thread as anything but racist. I can certainly defend my position that there are toxic elements of black culture that are making it hard for the black community. Black women are by many measures the most educated group in america. Black men are among the least. This disparity within the black community not all the result of racism.

“We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Asian children.”

Over 100 post hijack in just a few hours.
We really got to get the schools reopened, you children obviously need something to do.
Isn’t minecraft still a thing?

No it isn’t, you stupid liar. You called someone (LHoD) a racist when, AFAICT, he hasn’t said a single thing about the policies you’re complaining about. Obviously you’ll call someone a racist for no reason at all. And now you’re making up bullshit about a nuanced policy position I made in order to call me racist.

Because you’re stupid and a liar. And the culture of the members of my family who happen to be black isn’t “toxic”, you idiot. Maybe try not to slander millions of strangers because of their race? Being a stupid liar is one thing, but mass race-based slander? That’s something else.

If you flip the races, so that the school is a majority white and only minorities would be helped while only whites are hurt, would you be opposed because “white kids are not seen as important enough to consider in policy-making”?

Man, and people think I use the r word a lot…

Only a racist would type “r word”.

Could all y’all talking about who started what or who insulted whom and who misunderstood about something else that may or may not be related to racism please take it to another thread? There are more than 100 posts about this shit just today. Give it a rest.

damuriajashi has a long history here of being a fucking racist. Anything a fucking racist has to say about racism, what it is, what its effects are, and who practices is going to be a lie. Anyone who support damuriajashi’s opinions is either ignorant of his history or also a fucking racist. He’s already killfiled, and DemonTree is joining him.

Uh, just because you have trouble understanding someone doesn’t mean no one can understand it. Yes, he left out a comma and put an “are” in the wrong spot, but, by that logic, your post is not understandable because you misspelled “no one” and didn’t capitalize “English.”

It’s completely obvious that he called you disingenuous for getting upset that people insult you in the Pit. Then he says that maybe that same disingenuousness is why you keep making up nonsense about critical race theory, and why you keep using racially-tinged (aka dogwhistle) insults.

One of those racially-tinged insults was attacking the non-native English speaker “stupid” because you though his English was bad. I guess all those people who can’t speak English at all must be even more stupid, right?

It’s the bullshit excuse people have used forever to attack immigrants. They must be mentally inferior because they don’t speak English perfectly.

Knock that racist bullshit off. It doesn’t become okay to be racist towards someone because you are mad at them.

In theory I agree with this, but, in practice, so often the new thread never gets made. And while some of this is (arguably) pointless sniping, some of it is important stuff. So I’m going to go ahead and make the new thread myself, even though I probably won’t stick around to make more than a couple posts.

Indeed. This whole thread has gone to shit. This is supposed to be a thread for calling out trolls and assholes like damuriajashi and DemonTree, not bickering with them.

Just to be clear.

Calling someone a liar in ATMB is NOT PERMITTED.

Calling someone a racist (or other insult) in ATMB is NOT PERMITTED.

I tend to be a bit forgiving of the rules in ATMB, since, unlike other forums, ATMB is how people get issues resolved, and it is much more important to me that the issues be resolved than it is for everyone to be forced to abide by the rules. A lot of folks come into ATMB pissed off about something that they think is a problem, and I want those people to be able to say what their issue is or how they feel about it without fear of getting their posting privileges suspended for it.

You, unfortunately, seemed to be there only to stir up shit. But underneath it all it seemed to me that you actually did have a point to make. It would have been nice if you had made it. Instead, all you did was drive the thread further off the rails, and instead of anything getting resolved, all that happened was the thread was closed.

While I am fairly forgiving about warnings in ATMB (as long as you are actively trying to actually resolve something), coming into ATMB purely for entertainment purposes or to fan the flames is one sure way to earn yourself a warning in that forum. If your intent is only to stir up shit, then keep your posts in the Pit, as that WILL get you a warning in ATMB.

No, you did not get anything more than a mod note, but your behavior was absolutely NOT what we want to see in ATMB. Don’t be proud of yourself for not getting a warning, because you almost did, and in ATMB, that means you were really far off the rails from where you needed to be. If I didn’t think that underneath all of your crap there was an actual issue that the board needed to be resolved, you would have received a warning. You were that close.

I very strongly recommend that you not repeat that sort of behavior in ATMB.

Fair. I’ve been thinking about pitting these two nitwits for awhile, but as this sentence shows, my invectivefu isn’t particularly strong, and I’ve got bigger things to worry about. When TweedleDam and TweedleTree showed up in this thread, I vented what spleen I have, and the slapfight commenced.

My bad. Spleen vented. Peace out.


No problem. It’s all too easy to get carried away when provoked by assholes.

Do you see anyone rushing to your defense? Of course not. And if I was distorting your words in this woke echo chamber, there would be a dogpile of people telling me that you obviously meant something much less racist. The silence is fucking deafening.

Some of it is. I stopped referring to it as toxic because it seemed to bother you but because you seem to prefer the term toxic, I will employ that term rather than “counterproductive” Fewer keystrokes.

You can lie to yourself all you want about the effects of culture on achievement but I am not obligated to agree with your fantasy world just to soothe your ego especially when you are trying to discriminate against people that look like me. You’re a racist and hiding behind your black relatives is pretty shameful. Do your black relatives know how racist you are? Do they appreciate it because at least you are being racist in their favor?

I could just as easily ask you, if we flipped the races so that black kids were displacing native americans, would you be more or less bothered by it? I don’t think we should address racism with more racism.

I don’t subscribe to a hierarchy of race. That’s something that racists do. Too many woke folks have a hierarchy of race in their minds and things that are good for races higher up on the hierarchy at the expense of races lower down on the hierarchy make for good policy in their minds.

Cite? Or is this just another anyone that disagrees with me is a racist post?

I called him stupid after I realized he was an english speaker. English is not my first langauge so I try to make sure I am not insulting someone who probably knows 3 or 4 languages for not knowing this one. GIGO on the other hand is stupid. I suspect he knows he is stupid and has known this most of his life. He gloms onto the thoughts and opinoions of others and parades them around as his own in order to present the facsimile of adequacy.

I am an immigrant myself, engllish is not my first language. I think GIGO is stupid because english ISN’T its his primary language and he is STILL shit at it.

Troll? I’m trolling people for calling out their racism?

Perhaps if you look at the thread to see who started the bullshit it might change your attitude. The fact of the matter is that petty sniping is tolerated and perhaps it is a facially neutral policy but when one opinion is far more popular than the other, the sniping get overwhelming.

Right because I started it.

Well that’s enough for now. I’ll come back after you’ve had an opportunity to reflect on why your racism is not acceptable even if you think you are doing it in the interests of social justice.

I’m gonna go ahead and put your racist ass on ignore now.

Now he will rant about how I am perpetuating the echo chamber. Mother fucker is so predictable I really don’t need to actually see his drivel, do I l?

I did read through the entire thread. If you’d like, I can change your mod note into a warning and we’ll see what that does to your attitude.