Trolls R Us redux [Now the argument clinic]

I thought they were an autonomous collective.

I am not saying Slithy_Tove is trolling:

But whenever he posts I always get the sneaking suspicion that he Did gyre and gimble in the wabe.

How could I have an intended conclusion before I saw the responses?

Your comment about a “consensus” is the fourteenth response, of which exactly TWO appeared to support the proposition that “people need cocaine, especially in a pandemic.” It seems to invite the inference that your goal was to reach that conclusion (in a way, this is more flattering to you than the inference that you don’t know what “consensus” means).


Yup, that reply leaves no doubt!

Yeah. A concern troll, no less.

It’s amazing that people don’t see what he’s so transparently doing.

They’re handling the trans topic correctly, which goes a long way for me. Sure, I did think they were a bit overwrought at first with their replies, but they actually seem to be trying to calm down, rather than keeping on being provocative.

On that topic, at least, it seems they are not trying to troll.

The way you talk really reminds me of…

Is that troll wearing a $2250 paisley unlined silk dressing gown? If so, that’s our boy!

D’Asshole got himself suspended in that thread.

No, they’re handling it “correctly” to use as a weapon to accuse others of hypocrisy, in exactly the way they were accusing Czarcasm of racism in that Juneteenth thread. They don’t care about the actual issue, just how they can wield it as a troll-hammer, and you’re a sucker if you think they do.

Just came here to have a whinge about HughGoply.

The topic of transgender athletes is a complex one, and no-one has a perfect solution. However, there are certainly trolling “solutions”. HughGoply has gone from suggesting we outlaw women segregated sports all together, to suggesting we change sports to being about “playing in cold open water for 12 hours” (because women may have some advantage in long endurance challenges) to saying we should let Lebron James play against a 4’8" paraplegic girl but have the scoring based on judging, such that the latter could win by virtue of showing more pluck.

It’s more troll than Sauron’s armies and honestly I don’t care about trolling normally. But he’s spamming that thread with this nonsense, so it’s now just HG bullshit, and responses to HG bullshit.

HughGoply is trolling the shit out of that thread.

It is getting ridiculous in that thread with HughGoply.

The question of trans women in sport is an important and difficult one, but I refuse to participate in a thread with an offensive OP like that. Hardly looks like the content of the debate is transcending the OP anyway.

I’m tempted to give him the benefit of the doubt in that he’s not so much trolling as that he’s just fucking dumb.

I’m not.

You mean the thread I linked? I don’t see what is offensive about the OP. Is it that he said “transgender boys” when in context he meant girls?

Boys [giant arrow] Girls in the thread title.
“Converted” in the thread title.
Misgendering in the first sentence of the OP.
“whether or not they had their naughty bits cut off”

You really don’t see anything offensive and hostile there? Anyway, there’s an ATMB thread about it.