Trolls R Us redux [Now the argument clinic]

They’re handling the trans topic correctly, which goes a long way for me. Sure, I did think they were a bit overwrought at first with their replies, but they actually seem to be trying to calm down, rather than keeping on being provocative.

On that topic, at least, it seems they are not trying to troll.

The way you talk really reminds me of…

Is that troll wearing a $2250 paisley unlined silk dressing gown? If so, that’s our boy!

D’Asshole got himself suspended in that thread.

No, they’re handling it “correctly” to use as a weapon to accuse others of hypocrisy, in exactly the way they were accusing Czarcasm of racism in that Juneteenth thread. They don’t care about the actual issue, just how they can wield it as a troll-hammer, and you’re a sucker if you think they do.

Just came here to have a whinge about HughGoply.

The topic of transgender athletes is a complex one, and no-one has a perfect solution. However, there are certainly trolling “solutions”. HughGoply has gone from suggesting we outlaw women segregated sports all together, to suggesting we change sports to being about “playing in cold open water for 12 hours” (because women may have some advantage in long endurance challenges) to saying we should let Lebron James play against a 4’8" paraplegic girl but have the scoring based on judging, such that the latter could win by virtue of showing more pluck.

It’s more troll than Sauron’s armies and honestly I don’t care about trolling normally. But he’s spamming that thread with this nonsense, so it’s now just HG bullshit, and responses to HG bullshit.

HughGoply is trolling the shit out of that thread.

It is getting ridiculous in that thread with HughGoply.

The question of trans women in sport is an important and difficult one, but I refuse to participate in a thread with an offensive OP like that. Hardly looks like the content of the debate is transcending the OP anyway.

I’m tempted to give him the benefit of the doubt in that he’s not so much trolling as that he’s just fucking dumb.

I’m not.

You mean the thread I linked? I don’t see what is offensive about the OP. Is it that he said “transgender boys” when in context he meant girls?

Boys [giant arrow] Girls in the thread title.
“Converted” in the thread title.
Misgendering in the first sentence of the OP.
“whether or not they had their naughty bits cut off”

You really don’t see anything offensive and hostile there? Anyway, there’s an ATMB thread about it.

If I had to guess, I would say that HughGoply is parodying trans-activist arguments in an attempt to, ultimately, discredit them. It’s a reductio.

Not to me, no. To me it comes across as clumsy, but not hostile. I guess this topic comes with a lot of baggage, and I am not trying to tell anyone not to be offended.

Perhaps. But even if so, he’s monopolizing the thread in an assholish way.

And once again, it’s time for our fun and exciting Pit game, “Is it a troll or just a dumbass?”.

Our candidate this time is the OP of the “Weather Modification” thread in MPSIMS, who repeatedly provides oodles of proof that an international government conspiracy is conspiratorially conspiring to change the weather, destroy the world, and raise taxes by blaming climate change on carbon emissions. I refuse to link to the thread and give this idiot any more attention, but it’s worth a note here.

I know what you’re saying – the OP’s zealous serial posting style suggests “troll”, but what makes this a fun challenge is that brain-dead dumbasses tend to post much the same way. So, troll or dumbass?

I suppose I should have set up a poll and offered prize money, but fuck it! :smiley:

Hmmm. Read the thread, and so far going with brainless CT victim rather than Troll (so poll answer would be Dumbass). They seem so eager to share it all, as if we’re all going to say “we’ve known about it for years, but didn’t know it was being used against us!”.

However, the no-effort name of the user (and I’ll respect your desire to not repeat it) and the private profile definitely send up Troll Signals…

As I’ve said countless times before, ad nauseum, there really isn’t any actual distinction to be made there. None of these pooterheads are coming in with the mindset of “Yeah, I know that AGW is real, but I’ll just troll the libs here for the lolz.” A troll by definition is also a dumbass, if for no other reason than the fact that he/she/it invariably uses disingenuous tactics, something an honest & reasonably intelligent person would not do. Either way they come in here and stir the hornet’s nest into action; trying to divine their actual motives and beliefs is utterly pointless… [And is wasting time doing so on an internet backwater when he could be doing something more constructive with his time]

Regarding my image in that thread–two people or one?

It’s not her, it’s her twin sister! :wink: