Trolls R Us redux [Now the argument clinic]

Only iiandyiiii has to provide evidence!

Right back atcha.

Only @iiandyiiii was asking a gotcha question. I’m not interested in rehashing the subject.

:woman_shrugging: I can’t make you listen or understand. And none of what we say changes reality.

So…no evidence then.

Fap fap fap fap. Lookie! Everyone is talking to me! I am not an invisible loser like mom says I am!

You seriously want another CRT in schools thread? Really, truly and honestly?

And yet you do your best to change reality through repeated misrepresentation. Which I know because I listen and understand.

Now you’re concerned about this, just when you’ve been asked for evidence?

Well, yes, she is, because she can’t keep the conversation on one topic. If she allowed that, it would be even more clear what a gaslighting idiot she is. She has a clear pattern: say something provocative, maintain that people have misunderstood her, and pivot to a different argument rather than actually producing any evidence. Mind you, in that model the rest of us are simply unable to understand her clear and articulated arguments. She’s a troll.

When you’re a morally-bankrupt liar, you might as well play to your strengths.

That’s stupid. No one can change reality. I talk about stuff I have seen, like the genetics thing. How people shy away from the subject, cling to the environmental explanation, claim it’s impossible to prove, or demand an unrealistic standard of evidence that they don’t apply to any other area. And if you bring up the subject in reference to any trait, they leap straight to talking about scientific racism. But it’s 1000 little things that combine to give that impression. How am I supposed to prove it?

You want me to waste a lot of time finding evidence on a subject that someone else brought up, and which I’m not interested in discussing. Why the hell should I? I linked to a couple of examples in the CRT thread - find them yourself if you care so much.

Do you ever have anything useful to say? Or are you another one of the tiresome posters who only exists to take potshots and waste other people’s time?

Welcome to my the club @Sunny_Daze!



Maybe next time, include the word if so it is clear you aren’t actually accusing iiandyiiii of making a baseless claim.

No, this is like if Andy claimed with no evidence the right wants to teach kids that the earth is flat and asking if I agreed with that. A gotcha, in other words.


That was pretty clear to me. And while his “Do you agree with the right on this?” was at the least, mistimed,* your inclusion of “without evidence” (wrt the right not wanting an accurate accounting of the history of slavery being taught, not the flat earth thing) was kind of egregious. iiandyiiii’s statement about the right opposing the teaching of the true history of American slavery has been well-supported by a number of examples in this thread, so when you want to make an analogy about it, calling his assertions “without evidence” smacks of disingenuousness.

*it might have been clearer had he said: “Yes, the right doesn’t want details of slavery and racism taught in schools. The left does. Do you dispute this?

Thanks. Interesting. Not my branch of Democrats it seems.

Oh, shit, I came in here to complain about the rash of threads I’ve been involved in which have been full of non-Americans arguing with Americans the conditions of our own country. There’s one thread about housing costs in rural areas that seems to be largely dominated by some Australian with a Google link telling us that house pricing and the lack of new construction is not a problem, and a bunch of people saying ‘no, I live here, it’s a fuckin’ problem.’

And, yes, the ‘I know America well, I watch your movies’ comment. Holy shit, that’s like saying all I know about France I learned from PePe LePew, so let’s debate French housing policy.

I was involved in another thread with an American and a (supposedly) Brit arguing the implementation of a Canadian law…