Trolls R Us redux

Especially for those who are nutty to begin with.

And the Dope does contain a lot of master baiters.

Ooo, almost forgot. Thanks for reminding me.
brb …

Please, take your time.
And please, wash your hands.

Best not mention this on your application for the Proud Boys.

Props to troll of the hour Velocity, who’s got atheists arguing over the preferred nature of a god and an afterlife (if any—of course we have to assume the former if we want to comment at all, lest we get accused of threadshitting) that none of us believe in:

Well, I don’t know, I concede that Velocity is one of the masters of JAQing off at this board, always closely skirting around trolling, but this is one of his subjects that maybe presents an interesting hypothetical that could make for a worthwhile thread. He’s done much worth. But I haven’t read the whole thread and only his OP, maybe he got worse later in the thread. But then, mostly he doesn’t even return to his JAQing threads.

Correction: He’s done much worse. A small typo, but a decisive distinction.

Alternatively, I could have gone along with “he’s done much that is worthless”.

I just really, really hate threads where the OP is a clear effort to abuse the “no threadshitting” rule to force people who would tend to take issue with the OP in some respect if they could discuss it openly to either (a) stay out, (b) accept a ridiculous proposition at face value and just roll with it, or (c) invite a warning. Bonus points when it gets people who hold a view distinct from the OP’s to argue amongst themselves, rather than focus on debunking bullshit claims elsewhere.

@Velocity really is this forum’s apex troll in my book. I’m even willing to risk him seeing this and taking that as a compliment.

There are 2 or 3 others sharing the medal platform with @velocity. I’d name names but don’t want to give them the satisfaction. Sure do hate the highjacking and dragging every topic around to their narrow self serving indignant pet peeves though.

I wouldn’t call that a trolling thread at all - he lays it all out in the OP, and not fighting the hypothetical isn’t an unreasonable request for that kind of thread.

He’s right, and “there is no god” replies would be threadshitting. And I say this as someone who thinks Velocity is generally crap. If you don’t like his thread setup, just ignore the damn thing. That’s what I did.

I do think it should be in IMHO, not GD, though, because it’s just opinions, not witnessing.

I agree that Velocity has a habit of starting threads that, while not crossing the line into trolling, are clearly designed to rankle. Lots of “Let’s talk about how terrible the Democrats regarding this particular metric are BUT YOU CAN’T DISCUSS HOW COMPARATIVELY BAD THE REPUBLICANS ARE ON THE SAME METRIC” threads, delivered with a “gee golly gosh I just want to have a polite conversation” faux-innocence in the OP. Any one of those threads might be perfectly fine, but as a trend it starts to look a wee bit like they may not be being posted in good faith.

As I said, I wouldn’t classify it as trolling and I certainly have no objections to honest discussions about the failings of the Democratic Party, but I’m not buying the wide-eyed shtick that has been going with them.

…don’t forget the time that Fiddle claimed that they wasn’t defending stop and frisk but perhaps it wasn’t really racist and Mike Bloomberg was just:

That’s how Fiddle_Peghead contextualised a racist policy that terrorized the lives of hundreds of thousands of people of colour in New York for a decade. Fiddle thinks the guy responsible should get some credit for it.

I agree that Velocity starts tons of ridiculous threads like that and they usually result in various reasonable people fighting each other. He screwed up this thread though – the discussion has been fun and interesting to me, with no in-fighting. I’m sure he’ll try harder next time to get us all to fight.

I think Velocity is a very young guy with very little life experience who is assuming he can just “reason out” all of the big difficulties in life and society, relying on stereotypes and the “common wisdom”, while missing the vast majority of the nuance of most issues. I think he means well but comes across as extremely naive and gullible to me.

I don’t think he’s trying to troll.

I agree he’s not trying to troll, but is extremely naïve. He also has a strawman view of liberals in his head.

What most pisses me off about him is that he doesn’t engage in his own threads in any significant way, even to just say, “this is an interesting point” or “I still disagree, but this really does give me something to think about.” In his religious bigotry thread, he never really came back to let us know whether all the posts that disagreed with him affected his thinking, and he never came back to defend his view. That’s why it sometimes comes across as trolling to me – he drops some bomb and then runs away.

And don’t forget the time that Banquet_Bear put words in my mouth. Here, where he suggests black lives don’t matter to me. You see, when Banquet_Bear can’t win an argument with evidence, he just makes shit up. :roll_eyes:

Wait. The guy I mentally called ‘For Unwanted CarnalKnowledge’ was banned?

…but black lives don’t matter to you. You defended the man who continued and escalated a racist policy that terrorized the lives of hundreds of thousands of people of colour in New York for a decade. I didn’t need to put the words into your mouth. You defended Bloomberg. You defended stop and frisk. The thousands of innocent people of colour abused by the system (and who continue, to this day) didn’t matter to you.