Trolls R Us redux

And we all know how much Trump likes to beat women.

In elections, of course. He would never physically assault a woman himself.

Not with those baby hands, anyway.

Grabbing 'em by the pussy is assault.


JohnT’s memory spots one who, despite the username, doesn’t actually seem to be making any progress:

Not true. I see that he has added a few names to the list of things he is ignorant and incurious about.

With his current momentum vector, I suspect he will have forgotten the entirety of the Trump administration by Jan 21st, and will then be free to criticize a new administration with no self awareness of his hypocrisy.

Well isn’t that nice. Kswiss comes in the Portland black-bagging thread, lays a turd, and successfully gets the thread temporarily closed by attracting so many flags. Kind of ironic, because one of the topics of that thread is bad actors who are able to thwart legitimate protests by being assholes.

Ask a contrary question…

Wow, is that all I need to shut down a thread after 900 plus posts? In Great debates?

Please oh great gods of SDMB tell me how I should have not have injured the poor delicate souls of the Portland black bagging thread in great debates by pointing out and expressing my opinion that they have certain “nut job” conspiracy theories.

Is it saying Nut job? Really? 900 posts? But everyone agrees that its all true.

After announcing you’re not going to read the thread first.

[Dr. Venkman]
Yes is true, this kswiss has no nuts…
[/Dr. V]

its 900 post long, and I skimmed it.

I appreciate the reference and humor.

So it’s calling them “Nut Jobs”. really?

Someone might want to do a little more than just skimming the rules.

okay if y’all want to just make vague references…I’m here if you want to directly discuss the issue.

Seriously, read the board rules. You’re threadshitting all over the place.

Can I put it great debates?

Jesus Hallmark Christ! He sure loves the sound of his own voice.

If he bothers to learn the board rules, kswiss has the capacity to be the new version of Bricker.

Whether that’s a good or a bad thing is left as an exercise for the reader.