Trolls R Us redux

Equivocation is a type of trolling . . . IMHO.

Cite that I’ve called someone an asshole on this board? I think you’re confusing posts.

Thankfully your HO isn’t board protocol.

That’s… That’s a joke, right?

Would you “jokingly” replace the word with fag, or do you realize that there’s a difference?

Nah, I don’t think I misinterpreted it.

Why must I replace any words I’ve said with other words upon your insistence? Why do you insist I weigh all words the same?

You’ve been the one trying to make out the words the same, just disparaging words that are no different. If you do realize that one is worse than the other, why the equivalence in the other thread?

You JUST said you’ve never called someone an asshole on this board. I submit that you did and you consider it a joke, and that you do see the words are different in weight. Unless you would be equally comfortable joking in the same way with fag?

Here’s your post where you talk about asshole and bigot being disparaging words for groups:

I didn’t claim that “asshole” was equivalent to any other word. I made a point that calling someone an asshole could be determined by some people as offensive as your pet word. Neither you nor I are the arbiter of what is offensive, that is a personal choice. What committee has deemed words more offensive than others? Do you have a link?

It’s the bigots that define what slurs are by their usage. Racists suck for more than just their hatred of others, they also suck for ruining words.

A general way of determine if something is just an insult or if it is a slur is to see if it is used to disparage others than those it applies to.

If I call someone an asshole, I am only insulting them, and the implication there is that being an asshole is a bad thing to be.

If I call someone a f*, then I am not just insulting them, I am insulting all homosexual people, the implication is that being a f* is a bad thing to be.

Look, if you presumptuously think I’m a troll, then I’m sure the mods will ban me. If you want to discuss this matter in the thread this discussion was designed for, please do. I’m not going to defend myself against no charges here. But I do lament our tattle-tale mentality.

Except for all the above posts where you do exactly that.

I meant further. Surely you knew that…

A well argued defense to my charge.

I posted in that thread. You’ve responded to me here but not there.

It’s hard to tell a troll from a worthless piece of shit.

Are you just pretending to be a worthless piece of shit in order to rile people up, or is that just who you are?

Time will tell.

Now this is how you troll! Well done, k9! However, I don’t believe this forum follows Pit rules, so…

I think you may be confused.

This is the pit, you’re soaking in it.

But, on the plus side, you just scored one point for being too stupid to be a troll.

Yeah, I’m really suffering here.

Too stupid to be a troll? I thought stupid was a prerequisite for troll. Oh, I get it, you’re just trolling. Nice. So, you imply that not knowing where you are (this is a new message board) declares stupidity? You’ve never been lost in your life? Didn’t know where you were? That makes one stupid? Interesting. Who’s the troll?