Trolls R Us Resurrections

How’s about dear old dodgy dave, trying to discuss how the Trump Russia connection was a hoax.


At least his handle is perfectly descriptive.

Well he has help, what with Screeching_Wankers seeming to want to back him up in that thread.

I’m sure that they are in no way the same poster. That would be just crazy.

In case you missed it, Asahi had an impressive flame-out:

et seq


What a shame. I really appreciated his insights on various topics, when he wasn’t in one of his unhinged states. He really should’ve stepped away for a bit and take the time to fix his inner demons and/or relationship troubles, instead of letting it come to a explosive boil and bringing this ignominous end upon himself.

That being said, he is a self-admitted fan of the Cardinals (MLB, not NFL) and the Cowboys, which eases the sting of this somewhat.

I will miss him. His doomsaying got a bit much, especially when trolling unrelated threads, but I think he is more right than wrong. Too bad he got that unhinged in the end.

I want to agree, aside from his calls for the mass imprisonment of his political opponents that, at times, included dehumanizing them (and we know where that leads) and his strong desire for America to become dictatorship . . . yeah asahi was a swell guy.

Yeah “in the end” like years ago when he admitted he didn’t care for many marginalized groups or progressive policies.

I guess his outsized hatred for Republicans led a lot of people gloss over those bits over the years.

This wasn’t new, people. It just got a tad more exposure is the only real difference this time.

As I mentioned to one of the mods regarding another poster, we can’t fight ignorance if we keep perma-banning the ignorant. I never liked the idea of a permaban anyway, except as an extreme, extreme measure, and think this Board would have been better served over the years if, say, a 3 or 5 year banning would have been implemented.

(Not really wanting to debate the above, and this isn’t the thread for it anyway, but there it is. I started writing and that’s where the fingers took me.)

I don’t think anyone has been banned solely for being ignorant. They’re generally banned for trolling or just generally being disruptive and insulting. Being ignorant is just a frequent bonus. In any event, I don’t know of a single case where an ignoramus has ever been persuaded by facts and logic. This is an enduring truth that is currently playing out once again in the speed-of-light thread in GQ. The ignoramus in question has a story about the falseness of special relativity – an incoherent story, to be sure, but it’s his story, and he’s sticking to it. Factual challenges are just ignored. Everyone who’s been arguing with him, including me, has been wasting their time.

But the goal isn’t just to persuade the one we are responding to, but to also persuade those who are reading these words who don’t respond. Many times I write, not with the intention of ‘teaching’ the other poster the ‘truth’, but with the purpose of allowing future readers to read a proper rebuttal, allowing them make up their own minds.

In your case, there are other people who believe that way, and other people who will believe that way. Imagine if, in 2024, someone who is just starting to ‘think’ along the same lines Googles their way here… they can now read your rebuttal to what, up to that point, seemed to be perfectly reasonable questions.

In short: If you constantly rid or ignore those who argue on the side of ignorance, then, yeah, it’s definitely going to take longer than we thought! :wink:

This would be far better in its own thread. Maybe leave off of it in this one?

Not official, though I did flag all 3 posts for Miller to review. He might spin this off if it continues or not. Not my decision.


I did originally say “isn’t the thread for (this) anyway”, so no problem.


Once in a blue moon…



I’m not yet convinced of trolling, but it’s a distinct possibility. I think this post, courtesy of @Temporary_Name, is a textbook example on how to feed a troll.

Notice first that we have a wall of text disproportionate to the post it is addressing. This is not a good thing for a few reasons.

  1. Effort imbalance. The troll has succeeded in wasting your time, if it was a troll.
  2. Too long didn’t read. The poster being responded to may be intimidated by the wall-o-text and not respond, even if not a troll. Depends on the poster.
  3. Effort imbalance II. The author of the wall-o-text may be annoyed that there is no response. Depends on the author.

I will say, however, Temporary_Name had a very nice and friendly tone. The members responding to gandrews3367 as if he were some alien specimen are jerks.

“Always interesting to hear these dispatches from Trumplandia.”

“Yeah, that’s a lot of misinformation in one post. It’s like talking to someone from North Korea or something, with the amount of falsehoods and propaganda that a North Korean has internalized.”

“Yeah, it is interesting how the board gets those “Trumplandia Dispatches” as andy calls them from time to time. I assume it’s a random Trumper who ends up here via some search engine or something, sees a political discussion and decide to just data dump all of this month’s talking points from Tucker Carlson. Most of the time I notice these sort never respond again, probably forgetting the board exists soon after posting and moving on to their next culture war front.”

Did you all forget you weren’t in the Pit or something? You all came across as a clique of snooty girls sitting in a treehouse, greeting the new kid with a snarky “I didn’t realize they let plebs in here.” “Oh, but they can be so interesting!” “But they never stay, what a shame.” :angry:


The poster you’re referring to prompted this thread in ATMB:

I’d say the comparison is apt.

Well that was quite a while ago wasn’t it. So, as it turns out the following was posted by a former Starbucks barista, concerning the old Pay it Forward thing. Beware of logic and apparently friendly gestures, kids.

"I just want to say publicly, as a former Starbucks barista of nearly seven years, since the current Starbucks employees can’t say it," she wrote in her public service announcement-style Facebook post.

"Pay it forward is extremely annoying and makes everything confusing. It makes it easy to hand out the wrong drinks and just sucks…Instead of paying for the people behind you, who can probably afford their own stuff since they’re in line intending to pay, tip the people making your drinks who have been understaffed for months."

That member’s vaccine information/misinformation is to be distinguished from his or her participation in P&E. IMO it’s harassment if people are following the poster across the board and commenting on what a queer member we have, (rather than replying to the substance of the posts in good faith, or not replying at all,) because of the unrelated vaccine issue.