Trolls R Us Resurrections

I’m not getting the feeling of gandrews3367 being extremely trockish. Just look up their contributions. They’ve only been here 2 days.

(I won’t link to anything for obvious reasons.)

As I mentioned in the ATMB thread about this, I was up then. So I did see some of those posts. No, you didn’t miss anything. This was not one of our brighter trolls. Lord knows he was trying, but there were so few brain cells operating that all he could produce was basically just garbage. It was essentially the kind of sabotage of the board that would have been attempted by a third-grader of below-average intellect.


(Bolding mine, can I get in trouble for changing my own quote?)

You can, if you create another account to quote yourself :clown_face:

I agree

gandrews3367 is a moron. Troll? Probably not; just a moron. Doesn’t know that viruses can be vaccinated against. Somehow made it to adulthood without knowing this. See

His arguments are basic Octo but without the personality defect which compels him to obsessively come to an internet URL he (assuming gender) openly detests.

If he continues with this misinformed bullshit, he should get banned for that. Twitter and YouTube ban people for posting anti-vax bullshit.

Let’s face it, that poster is not likely to ever provide useful contributions to the board.

D’Anconia is trolling in this thread:

That “in this thread” qualifier is almost never necessary

Well DA asked a simple question and I have a factual answer, even citing the law specifically on the web site of the US Office of Special Counsel. DA then got snarky about Psaki not being barred from federal employment (which is a consequence for especially egregious violations rather than a rhetorical slip-up) and made the no-brainer guess that it wouldn’t happen to her. Since that conclusion was such a Captain Obvious observation, I returned with equal snark, giving DA a crude gold star worthy of such deduction. In which case DA wished I would go away.

Because of course DA doesn’t actually want real answers to questions, but rather wants someone who agrees politically. What a fucking asshole.

He’s playing the Bricker Memorial Liberal Hypocrisy Card. If he can point to one liberal jaywalker he can then imply the existence of moral equivalency to a gang of conservative mass murderers.

So if we’re all not just as outraged by Psaki’s one example of inappropriate phrasing as we were about the previous administration’s four years of constant, blatant, deliberate disregard for the Hatch Act, why, we must be just as dishonest and hypocritical as he is!

He’s continuing. We have now been informed yet again that there are no vaccines for viruses. The ghosts of Jonas Salk and Edward Jenner might want a word.

I’m guessing there’s no such thing as evolution, either.

Well, it won’t be long until that troll flames out, so get in your fun while you can, I guess.

This is an excellent point. Is posting dangerous misinformation against the rules? Perhaps it should be - relying on other posters to correct the misinformation in later posts seems insufficient.

Eh, just flag the post for moderation, saying it purposely provides disinformation re the COVID vax. I did, it will be interesting to see the response.

I’m going to disagree - he’s deliberately going for all the troll points in the threads he’s in and starts. For example, his Dave Chappelle thread basically is trying to short circuit concerns about Dave’s act by JAQ about other past comedians who were ‘controversial’. Leaving out that those artists were generally self-mocking, pointing out flaws in their own groups, or punching up, rather than taking a swipe at a different group that was being treated poorly.

Very few people post that many black-hearted threads and individual posts w/out knowing what they’re doing. For example the “Biden is worst president ever” one in the Democratic Party Perfect/Good thread. Not saying they’re a sock (although feels like it), but Troll? Absolutely.

Not only that but the manner in which this was done feels so familiar. Hence why a couple of days ago I said this feels trockish. I can’t put my finger on who, but I am pretty confident this is a recent serial bannee.