Trolls R Us Resurrections

I did love that Ed couldn’t be bothered to use his own profile for his hiden/unhiden pics.

He’d have to log in as someone else to show what other users see.

I spent a while creating those screen shots just for this purpose. You might have noticed some posts by Banny MacBanface (or something like that) that i made when i was doing it, because we needed to use a non-mod account to do it.

I was thinking about stalking puzzlegal but now if I do that I’ll just look like I’m copying Ed, so never mind.


ETA: I swear it’s a coincidence that I posted the same time as her. I’m not copying Ed!!!

Lol. And to be clear, when i made the screen shots, we weren’t sure what we would do. So i made a lot of screen shots showing various options. And i thought it would be least stalkerish to stalk myself, so to speak. Ed just choose the screenshots that were most relevant to the decision.

Heh, you should see how stalkerish Discourse is - it even rats out the mods as I proved some time ago. I’d say more, but I’d be afraid Discourse and it’s terrible minion (whose name I dare not @) would silence me!

Those are copies of the examples I made in this post:


And it’s a long time poster, albeit one who hasn’t posted for ten years.


I read the entire OP with my jaw hanging down.

I don’t see any reason for the mods to re-open it in the Pit. It’s a racist, sexist screed presumably intended to rile people up. Does anyone think that opening it will fight ignorance, result in dialogue, or contribute to the board?

I don’t, but that is not the criteria for what I can close. It doesn’t actually violate any of our rules.

The best I can do is what I did. I don’t think it will be re-opened though.

I think I have to break @kayaker link, it is inadvertently maybe calling the OP a troll in GD. Though as not fit for GD, maybe that doesn’t matter.

And none of his previous posts are full of this racist hatred (hatred of that level, you would think would come through in everything he posts). This is definitely a WTF.

Hey, a lot can change in ten years.

Apologies. I read the post and was so weirded out I wasn’t thinking straight.

That was my thought. People can be radicalized in 10 years with ease or maybe a Troll figured out the password of an unused profile.

I get it, no recrimination. I just had to remember the method to change your quote that backlinks to an almost link that doesn’t backlink.

The leading and trailing backquotes did it.

White fragility is powerful drug. It’s never that surprising to me to see a white dude turn like that.

We have rules in GD against MRA debates, I’d have closed it on that alone if I were desperate for a technicality beyond just the trolling and jerkitude it also was.

I’m not sure it wandered into MRA (men’s rights advocacy) but to be trueful I was more scanning his OP* to see if he had constructed a debate at all or if it was just a rant. It probably could have qualified. But as no Debate was framed in that OP, I took the easy way out.

I think it avoided Scientific racism but seemed to come close, that is the tired topic I was also scanning for.

ETA: The Tire Topics rules are board-wide now, not just GD since the TOS revision.

* and as there is no need to, I don’t want to give that OP a more detailed read.

What? The best you can do is delete that filth. It’s pretty clearly against the jerk rule and has no place here. How is this even a question?