Trolls R Us Resurrections

Get on with finding trolls and stop talking about me then. You’re 60 posts in and haven’t found a single one yet!

Darn… so close to a one post Bngo.

What did he miss?

Some form of bigotry accusation and/or sodomy with a cactus.


:+1: :smiley: :+1:

I figured the cactus would get you excited.

Kenny in the IMHO is super, duper NOT trolling. :roll_eyes:

[Vinny Gambino] You were serious about dat? [/VG]

Bad RC, Bad! Don’t play with the troll in the troll thread!

It’s like the perfect storm of his two favorite topics: not talking to the police and hating women.

For those not sure which thread this is, see My hope for Brian Laundry: please stay strong young man in IMHO.

I regret not having arrived at this thread sooner in time to join the (thumb) (grin) (thumb) chain.

Yeah, it’s dialed up to 11 in that one.

He’s a fucking piece of work, isn’t he? And not in a good way…

Kenny needs his brain laundered.

Kenny is the Woman Mom guy, ugh what a piece of shit.

I’m very serious about not being serious.

I did not realize that he was still here. Ugh

Seems like GreysonCarlisle has been intentionally trolling me. I’d been noticing that, every time I make a comment, he’ll take some comment out of context and respond in a way that seemed hateful. So I finally asked him to stop, and he just said no in a snarky way.

I debated posting this here or making a new thread, but the pettiness and my lack of ire led me to posting it here. It’s hard to drum up a lot to say about someone who seems to just randomly hate you for no apparent reason. AFAIK, we never had a negative reaction up until the point he started randomly doing this. All we ever discuss is technical stuff.

Since I was in the thread in question it did seem like some serious passive-aggressive childish behavior by GC. Not quite enough to want to flag it, but still beyond what I would consider common decency. IE - yeah, he’s being a jerk. If he continues to do so in multiple threads, I’d report the pattern, since that is a bright line.