TronnaDope, anyone?

Yes, it’s high summer in the Centre of the Universe and about time for a get-together.

Anyone interested in a DopeFest in Toronto in, say, early August?

Sunspace, if you hadn’t PMed me, I never would have known about this thread, since I apparently missed it. Maybe I’m just not tuned in to looking for “Tronna.” :slight_smile:


Sunspace is suggesting that we should get together to celebrate Nawth Chucka’s honeymoon visit to Toronto. Because there’s nothing that says memorable honeymoon like hanging out with this bunch of Dopers.


Multiple emoticons aside, it appears that NC and spouse will be here sometime in August, and are naive^H^H^H^Hice enough to be willing to meet up with us. Perhaps she can give us a better idea of when they’ll be here, so we can plan summin’.

And then I can give them the same tour of the city I gave RickQ and Brynda! Beware! Bwa-ha-ha-haaa…

Oohh, I might be in Toronto from August 1st-6th. If y’all meet then I might be able to pop by.

Hopefully, it’ll be a day that works for me. I have to make it to one of these eventually.

On a side note, fingers crossed that I’ll be able to take the Sheppard subway on my way downtown. :mad: :frowning:

Well, us’ll are flexible and there’s no reason we can’t meet up more than once. Of course, you will be going to Caribana (since it’s one of the best festivals in the world and you’ll be here just as it reaches its crescendo), but we can work around that. :slight_smile:

I take no responsibility for any strange, made-up words that I might have been inspired to put into the above response. I’m very punchy today.

We have a schedule, sort of - let me show you it.
Saturday the 18th - get married.
Sunday the 19th - sleep late-ish, go to church, wave goodbye to people, put toes in sand repeatedly.
Monday the 20th - fly out at 5:40 am to Detroit. Catch 13:55 train from Windsor to Toronto, arriving TO 17:50. Stay at Canadiana Hostel.
Tuesday the 21st - Hockey Hall of Fame and walking around looking at Socialists.
Wednesday the 22nd - take 9:30 train to MTL. Stay at a hostel we haven’t booked yet.
Thursday the 23rd - walk around Montreal, wheeze our way up the mountain a bit before giving in and getting a deli sandwich somewhere. Ride the Metro alot. Stay at as-yet-unbooked-hostel that night too.
Friday the 24th - train from MTL to TO, arriving TO 21:11. Stay in Canadiana again, I think.
Saturday the 25th - 12:00 train from TO to Windsor, then fly from Detroit back to Charleston.

Soon-to-be-hubster here. . .

I ain’t never been to the Eastern Canadian provinces. The furthest East I’ve been is Winnipeg, and they were fairly Western. Please forgive me [sub]the SIGO slaps me[/sub] if I say “Quebecesois” instead of “Quebecker”.

Yes, we wanna hang out! My only burning desire (besides my newly betrothed) is to see the Stanley Cup in Toronto while wearing my NJ Devils’ jersey. That’s all I got for now. . .

I’m all about just chillin’ Canadian style for a week or so. :smiley:

Sounds cool. Although we’re going away camoing early in the month, and then a wee or two later we’ll be a away out east for a week and a half. It would depend on the date.

I really can’t see you doing that.

Uh… it’s camping and canoeing while wearing camouflage… I… uh… had to make up my own word: “Camoing”.

Yeah, that’s the ticket!

Whew, I thought that was one more thing that I didn’t learn because I’m only a naturalized Canadian.

The main question of course, is… why? I mean, I taught survival for the Canadian Forces, so I’m used to wearing fatigues while camping. I’m just not sure why anyone would choose to do it.

Fine. We didn’t want to have lunch with you in the airport anyways. Hmph.

We join forces with the animals to mount a counter insurgence against hunters. The camouflage keeps us hidden so we can stealthily sneak into their camgrounds at night to drop chipmunks in their pants. The rodents do the rest. It’s all part of The Plan.

The raccoons have an important role as well, but they won’t tell us what because it’s classified.

I didn’t want to post the details you sent me without asking, so I’m glad you posted this. Now we can figure out who can meet you and when. :slight_smile: Hit the ROM on Tuesday afternoon? (I think I can get that day off; if I can’t, I’ll show up later and whine about it.) It’d be neat to see others as well. As Cerowyn said, there’s no reason TronnaDopers can’t meet more than once.

Tripler, I make no guarantees for your safety if you show up wearing a NJ Devils shirt. But I agree that it’s high time the Stanley Cup returned to it’s rightful home, Toronto. :smiley: And it’s “Québécois”.

I thought he’d misspelled Trona. :stuck_out_tongue:

Firm up the time line and I’ll whine at my boss.

TronnaDopes are fun.

My schedule does not coincide with Nawth’s at all. Hm. And I don’t think I know any of the Toronto Dopers.

Well, I’ll post my schedule when I figure it out, and then maybe some kind Doper will take mercy and volunteer as a tour guide for a day. Or a drinking partner, at least. :wink:

It’s a good thing it’s summer; otherwise, we’d have to deal with the snow snakes also.

I can make a couple of guesses after surprising an entire raccoon family around the garbage cans one night.

They’re obviously private investigators.

They were going after your credit card statements. I hope you shred everything.