Sunspace and I call December 11th…

Who’s with us?

w00t! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

That’d be the Saturday, and I’m thinking meeting at some restaurant downtown, easy to get to…

I really like the Cafe 668, at 668 Dundas West. Fantastic and cheap.

Damn, this will be the second one I’ll miss. My first exam is on the 11th. Oh well… :frowning:

Hmmm… sounds good. :wink:

snuggles Sorry :frowning:

Wow , that means my Birthday is gonna be on a thursday , wooooooot :smiley:

hmm, now to find that spare driver in my trunk


Damn, man. I had no idea you were a Torontonian. Too bad about that exam.

Uhh, the ideas are sort of sluicing through my brain right now, not many restaurants coming to mind.

Let me get back to you guys tomorrow with a list…

Born and raised in Scarborough, now going to school in Windsor.

I’d certainly be interested in meeting up, if I’m not still in Tokyo.

We should probably also see if some of the other usual suspects are interested, including those who have voiced interest in the past and/or actually come out: Dr_Paprika, Eats_Crayons, Globe-trotter, Lissla Lissar, Kwyjibo*, D18*, pung, Horrifying Howler Monkey, Tengu, Trigonal Planar, wolfstu [unless he moved to Belgium or summat], cherry, Declan, Treviathan and RickJay. Eonwe, Booker57 and matt_mcl have good track records for making the trek here, too.

  • Not sure if these folks still hang around SDMB any more, but that wouldn’t preclude them from coming!

And of course, Declan has already spoken up. :smack:

Oh sure. You couldn’t have done this a year and a half ago when I was alone and lonely in T.O. for three months with nothing to do and nobody I liked. You were just freakin’ waitin’ for me to leave weren’t ya? Mean ol Torontonians. No wonder I didn’t stay there. Ooh! Unless it’s at the Reservoir Lounge. I love that place! Maybe I could fly out for something and write it off!

Composed a request for vacation time at work (time to burn before end of year). Looked into flights (semi reasonable fares). Picked a hotel (free highspeed at the Courtyard downtown :slight_smile: versus 20 bucks for breakfast at the Sheraton, I would have gone for the Courtyard).

Remembered that this year’s work X-Mas party is that night. I’ll catch you all next time. Enjoy!

I can’t believe I got mentioned! Wow!
Actually, I did move to Belgium. But I’m moving back to Canada at the end of November. I’ll be living in Sudbury for the month of December, so attending TrannaDope shouldn’t be impossible for me. Is there another thread with further information? Is this a full-weekend thing? If so, I could take a Greyhound down on Friday and go back Sunday night.

My big problem would be accomodations… I hate to be a mooch, but am a student on a budget… Are there cheap hostels or something like that in Toronto? Or, if somebody’s got a floor I could crash on (I’ll bring my own sleeping bag), that’d remove the only big obstacle to me coming.

If the big boat is back in service I would love to come.
Even if it is not running I would enjoy a T-dope fest.
Transportation is the deciding factor.
Pencil not ink at this time.

Oooh! More Dopers! Hi everyone! :slight_smile:

wolfstu, if need be you can crash on my floor… I’ve an air mattress and stuff.

Booker57, does it look like the ferry will be running again?

Gadfly, I’ll have to check out that restaurant. How big is it? Will we need reservation depending on numbers?

Standup Karmic, what’s the Reservoir Lounge like? I’m not exactly a clubbing-type person, and know nothing about it.

Kid_A, so sorry you can’t make the eleventh. There’ll be others… (I’m hoping Spoons can make it…)

Restaurants: The first TronnaDope I went to, we met at that restaurant on the north side of Front Street just west of Union Station, I can’t remember the name. Last summer after the picnic we ended up at C’est What.

i’ll pick up kellym and lee and we’ll – oh, you meant – never mind –

Gadfly, I’ll have to check out that restaurant. How big is it? Will we need reservation depending on numbers?

It’s fairly small, but usually not terribly busy, so… I haven’t a clue. Their phone number is 416-703-0668, if you want to enquire about it.

Ergh, apologies for the screwed-up coding, have no idea what happened. Here’s a review of the place from NOW Magazine: