True Blood S05-E11: Sunset

Here there be spoilers.
This season has been one of the better ones to date. Tara has become a bloodsucker and ironically, for the first time in several seasons, does not suck. Pam has been Pam, and more exposure to her character has not dimmed her charm. Russell has been his usual happy-go-lucky crazed psychopath, never a bad thing, while Steve Newlin is more fun to watch as his boy-toy than when he was a vamp-hating preacher.

True, the Efreet was an unfortunate distraction, but the main storyline has been fairly compelling, and after a bit of a slow start and a lot of monologuing by Detective Stabler, has picked up a great head of steam as the season progressed. The werewolves arc had all the ingredients necessary to have been a compelling main storyline all it’s own, and really could have benefited from the cutting of the Efreet story in it’s favor.

Lafeyette’s cheesy ass Mardi Gras mask storyline sucked, but Nelsan Ellis is such a charismatic and talented actor that it wasn’t too painful. The shifter and The Obamas storylines were a little thin, but they dovetailed nicely with werewolf story, and is moving into the main storyline as well, so it works pretty well even so. I’m still waiting to see what, if anything, will slap the sense back into Bill. I thought Jessica might, but she doesn’t seem up to it.

This penultimate episode has really ratcheted up the tension, and it’s going to make the next week a difficult wait. Finally, damn, aren’t the fairies about the most ineffectual super on the show? Seriously, they should just install a Harkonnen heart plug and be done with it.

I have to disagree with your opinion of this being one of the best seasons to date. This is, in my opinion, the worst season of True Blood and (no pun intended) has really put a final nail in the coffin for me on actually being a fan of the show. It is just stupid-bad-dumb and not even in a way that can be enjoyed for sheer camp value. That this is the first thread on the show in weeks (that I’ve seen) says something about how the enthusiasm for this show has died here on the SDMB.

Roman was a potentially compelling character and The Authority had a ton of potential to finally see behind the curtain of this mysterious organization. Instead, all we got was Roman bloviating for a few episodes then getting staked. And it turns out The Authority is run by a bunch of half-wits who act like obnoxious teenagers who found Jesus. I’d not find it credible that this group could run Fangtasia, let alone a global secret government.

Oh and look! Bloody and naked Lilith is back again. Someone get the girl a wet-nap or a Tampax or something. Most uninteresting bad guy/gal on this show ever. Past bad guys had character, had style, were somewhat interesting even when annoying - this one just shows up naked and bloody for 15 seconds and drops one line as if whatever being said was somehow profound and everyone has an religious blood-gasm. Oh, and Goddric (whom I loved) occasionally warns Luke to avoid the Dark Side or something…

Religious Bill. Obnoxious asshole, now with religious fever. Enough said.

Tara still needs to die. No way the Pam of this show lets her get away with the stuff she has done. Killing the new sheriff would have gotten her staked or turned into The Authority immediately. And really, HOW DAMN STUPID WAS THAT?!? Oh, that’s right - we need a way to get Pam to The Authority (along with Sam and chick-I-don’t-care-about) for the finale. So have Tara kill the new sheriff and Pam takes the fall for it even though it just doesn’t make any sense.

I honestly think the most enjoyment I’ve received so far from this season is the OP’s suggestion of installing Harkonnen heart plugs on the fairies. Need to think of a bigger scale… starting with the writers, director, producer, and select members of the cast.

I agree with MeanJoe. Let me just add:

Arm waving Fairy Elder is a joke. She’s supposed to be some riddle talking mystery, but she’s just silly-- and perfectly understandable. Why the Fairies aren’t armed to the teeth with spike shooting crossbows or guns loaded with wooden bullets is beyond me.

The big interesting mystery is what is Lilith really; it’s been implied that it’s not really God, or whatever, but instead something else pretending to be holy.

I must disagree that this is the worst season, the season with the maenad was worse. Hated that season.

I’m grossly disappointed with this season as well. I kinda liked last night’s show with the creepy Lilith showing her horrible self to each vamp (and next week is the finale already???) and I liked the earlier episode with Sookie and companions searching for the resurrected Russell. Otherwise, it was a rather dull and fragmented mish-mash, too many storylines. The Authority - what a laugh, what a bunch of half-wits, a motley crew being killed off one by one. The Elder Fairy last night? What a laugh, she looked and sounded demented, and apparently got killed for her efforts. … You know what’s missing? Those outrageous moments that grabbed your attention, earlier in the show. Eric tearing the arm off the guy in his dungeon and bludgeoning him to death - all the while, he’s wearing a pink plastic cape because he’s in the midst of getting highlights put in his hair! Horrifying, yet hilarious! This season is missing outrageous moments.

It was funny, though, Pam and Sam passing each other in Authority HQ: “What the F are you doing here?” “What the F are YOU doing here?” And Emma-the-puppy is the cutest dog on TV ever!

Here’s a vampire question not specific to True Blood. When did the vampire legend morph from solitary monsters skulking in their European castles into these secret high tech societies of wealthy, pretentious hipsters armed with exotic Belgian machineguns and outfitting their lairs like the lobby of a W hotel? I mean is there a 24 hour Sunglass Hut and Armani Exchange store where they all shop?

Because they’re lame?

Seriously. As fast and powerfull as Russel is, we are talking about creatures that explode into a bloody mess when jabbed with a #2 pencil or a choptstick and are imobilized by a UV light you can buy at a tanning bed supply store. Heck, they have stores in town where you can buy vampire-killing stuff (well…one less store than they did).

In ancient Jewish and Babylonian folklore, Lilith was a female demon who was originally Adam’s first wife (or something like that). I suppose the legend is old and vague enough that they can weave whatever vampire mythology they want into it.

Anne Rice, I think? Her first vampire book was in 1975, I can’t think of an example of “hip” vampires with complex societies before that.

We’ll probably not find out the resolution to the Sookie/Warlow contract until late next season but I’m really REALLY hoping that it ends with the contract having already come to fruition or else the writers are idiots.

The contract specified “my first fey-bearing female heir.”
That’s not Sookie. That’s Sookie’s mom. Warlow already collected.

There was enough stuff in this episode that if they weren’t busy filling past episodes with crap like Jesus’s head and the ifrit, that they could have spread some of the material from here out some and it would’ve helped a lot with the pacing.

I mean, Jessica just wound up at authority HQ last ep, and here we are in this ep she gets back out, fakes turning Jason, hides out at Fangtasia, gets caught and spanked by daddy, all in this one ep.

It’s just too much too fast, because they don’t have enough episodes left this season to fit in everything they actually need to because they wasted so much time in earlier eps.

Likewise this stuff with the fairy elder. What, I’m supposed to give a shit that Russell killed the stupid bitch when she just showed up 10 mins ago and never did anything except ask Sookie about singers?

And just when was Andy supposed to have knocked up the pregnant fairy? She said they were together twice, so it wasn’t last season when they had random sex in the woods or whatever, but when they met up again in the fairy bar this season, there wasn’t really time then for them to do the nasty, what with him and Jason getting kicked out so fast.

Except that Sookie’s mom was a Stackhouse by marriage and, so far as we know, had neither fey blood nor traits. You have to remember that the contract we heard is a translation of a very old document, and there are almost certainly words that don’t precisely correspond and words that have shifted meaning in the time between when the document was written and now. So it could be that being married to a descendant is enough to qualify Mom as an heir, and “fey-bearing” means “bore a child with fey traits” but it could just as easily be that “heir” really means “descendant” and fey-bearing means “has fey traits.”

The show is just plain awful now. I’ll finish off the season and that’s it.

The shark was jumped when the actor playing Sam played himself and his skin walking gf. What did that actor do to the writers to make them have to go through that? I actually felt pity for the actor.

BTW, I don’t think that it’s been officially established that Warlow is a vampire. That awful Fairy Queen character was about to say something but was interrupted. Sookie said that Warlow was like a bunch of wind or something like that. Maybe Warlow is a ifrit (sp?) which would tie things together.

Even Russel isn’t as good this season as he was originally. This show has really gone downhill. But I’m still watching…

Andy and his fairy baby-momma: I am assuming fairy time is different from human time - when Sookie was whisked away to the alternate realm a season or two ago, she was there for a couple of days, if that. When she came back to Bon Temps, she learned she had been missing for a whole year. … Maybe fairy baby-momma wants Andy and Holly (the witch g/f he just swore he would ‘do right by’) to raise the li’l sprite.

If Russell (well, the actor) could chew the scenery any harder, there would be chunks taken out of the walls. He’s so over the top he’s hilarious.

and Russell will now be able to walk in the day light.

Russel won’t leave the fairy kingdom -

Prediction: Warlow is some kind of benevolent being who will be powerful enough to defeat Russell. GGGGranddaddy Stackhouse forsaw this which is why he drew up the contract.

Yeah, that had to be one of the most pointless characters I’ve seen in a long time. Did that actress win a contest to appear in a True Blood episode, or something?

The only saving grace was that they did kill her off almost immediately, because she sure was annoying.

she isn’t listed in the credits but wasn’t she in the original “Fame” both the movie and the TV show? Erica Gimpel,looks like not the original movie but both incarnations of the TV show according to IMDB but not listed as bing on True Blood. maybe she was ashamed?