Truly Mundane and Pointless: I just turned 1000

Please, please, contain your excitment.

I was trying to think of a “milestone party” that hadn’t been done yet. NTG’s stellar surreal bash was unique; we’ve had drunken debauches, tea parties and just about everything short of human sacrifice and cannibalism.

I considered a “don your own ridiculous persona” party along the lines of…a certain troll who shan’t be fed, i.e. slut rock goddess, the True Pope, etc. But it could just validate the putz.

So Chris suggested a “let it all hang out bitch party”; y’know just let rip with the aggravation du jour and hoist a glass in communal crankiness. Sounds good to me: a cluster primal scream, of sorts.

Thanks to all you sincerely sick, twisted, funny, funky, technicolor individualists. It’s been a hoot!

On toward 2000,

Oh man, I wish I could play “Oh Do Not Forsake Me” by They Might Be Giants right now…
one thousand years old…
sure you think that’s old…
one thousand years old…
but what do I know…

From an actual catalog" “Disco balls create an enchanting, dazzling effect of light shafts, adding movement and glamour to any occasion”
the Abrams’ bris was certainly memorable
O p a l C a t

Happy freakin’ 1000th, Veb. I’m fat.

“I like toast.” :slight_smile:

I’ll be ticking over a thousand soon myself.

I’m a 30 year old lonely virgin. :frowning:

The Legend Of PigeonMan

  • Shadow of the Pigeon -
    Weirdo of the Night

Congrats, TV!

As for the bitchin’, what they said. Yes all of them.

Now with 1000 posts of pure wisdom!
(or something)

Hi Veb. Happy 1000. I won’t stay long–don’t want to scare anyone. My face is breaking out sooooo baaaaad…

This space blank, until Wally thinks up something cool to put here.

Happy 1000th… did I mention I have a house full of relatives who love to play space games on my puter?

We are, each of us angels with only one wing,and we can only fly by embracing one another

Happy #1000, TVeblen! Keep on rollin’! :slight_smile:

Many happy return posts Veb!!!

Yours truly,

I have to say you don’t look a day over 885. You are my hero - which means I have no real friends, but that’s another whine entirely…

Just watch for the board crashing, it can knock off 200 points anytime.

Congrats TV. Looks like you and Sue hit it the same day. Here’s a beer for you.

I’ve learned that if someone says something unkind about me, I must live so that no one will believe it.

Congrats Veb!

I’ve mailed you a Norelco Beard and Mustache Trimmer as a gift for your achievement. Watch for it in your mailbox!!

“We don’t get much call for that around here, Sir.”

Well, I don’t know about you guys, but I have a beef with Veb.

You don’t post enough!

::sentimental sniff::

Awww, you guys; a beard and mustache trimmer, a chorus of sorts from Opal, kind assertions that I don’t look a day over 900…gersh!

Well, just to celebrate in style I by-gosh tried out my brand new carpet cleaner!

Can I reconsider this whole dismal party? Nachos, black&tans, any dip you want, margatitas hauled in by tanker truck…you know, the standard wretched excess?

If nothing else we can watch the spillage getting sucked up in the new cleaner.

Beyond mundane,

So it’s Communal Crankiness ye want, eh? Another Oedipus at Colonus, building an end to our suffering? More Hobbesian utilitarian moralists judging on the basis of preference rather than on sounder Kantian transcendental values? Is THAT what ye want? The goddamned salty late-night tears of well-fed, well-housed, over-read, half-baked sentimentalists wringin’ their fariggin’ hands and sharin’ the pain of yet another manifestation of their GOD-AWFUL heart-wrenchin’ romantic fascism? IS THAT WHAT YE WANT? WELL IS IT?
If so, ye can forget about it sister. I refuse to give in to that brand of childishness.

Congrats Veb.
Dr. Watson
“Morality must have its boundaries.”

Congratulations Veb!!! Look for me in the year 3000…

Girlbysea (AKA: ChiefScott’s GBS)

Congratulations, and my compliments for a handle that commemorates Thorstein Veblen. Not only did he expose conspicuous consumption, but gave us the quote “all professions are a conspiracy against the laity.”

Your deep sea diving suit is ready, me brave lad.

Since it’s an evening event, instead of a mid-day party, I’ll stop by with a bucket of frozen margaritas.

Congrats Veb!

  • Sue

I agree with Slithy Tove. I, too, have a soft spot for the original T. Veblen. Therefore, I have a soft spot for you. Congrats on reaching the big 1000.