Trump and Melania test positive for COVID-19

I don’t think we can rule out that Conley’s kids have been “Extraordinary Renditioned.”

I get the feeling that Conley is the spokesman because he looks the part. Central casting is very important to Trump. He’s probably really an orderly that takes acting lessons on the weekends who they threw a coat on and trotted on out there.

Check his handwriting! Is it legible?

These people, I tell you…

The Joint Chiefs of Staff is the the latest critical government institution to be impaired by the coronavirus, the Pentagon said Tuesday; at least nine top military officials are self-quarantining after the vice commandant of the Coast Guard, Adm. Charles W. Ray, tested positive.

The ongoing COVID-19 outbreak among top Republicans, including the president, includes a number of individuals who attended a White House event for Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett on Sept. 26. According to, Ray and other senior military officials were present at an event for bereaved military “Gold Star” families that was held indoors at the White House the following day.

Photos from the event show Donald and Melania Trump, who have both since tested positive for COVID-19, standing close to guests. No one in the photos is wearing masks.

The eternal question about Trump flunkies.

Go along with Trump and there will be benefits—promotions, raises, whatever. You can do some very questionable things and he’s got that pardon power he may use for you if you get in trouble. But go against him?

415 and counting…

Another personal consequence for Trump, except he doesn’t have a lot of empathy, so maybe he won’t care.

Barron is for now an innocent minor and I don’t wish him any ill. He’s probably headed for a life of crime just like the rest of his family but for the moment he’s a child and I hope he comes out okay.

Well, he didn’t have much to say about Barron in this clip. I would really hate to have this man for a father.

With a little luck, Barron barely knows the man exists.

Doubtful, the Donald was sent to military academy boarding school and still sought approval and sucked up to his dad Bigglie.

Tiffany Trump was raised away from The Donald and still humiliated herself in public for him at the Republican Convention. Maybe she wants a tax dodge job like Ivanka got (when she was a contractor and employee for The Donald simultaneously).

Yeah for some reason I thought she was supposed to be the ‘good’ Trump.

Not so much…

I rather doubt they are close.

My speculation: Melania more or less can’t stand Donald. Everything now. He ran for President to promote himself and the idiot won the thing despite being overtly idiotic and racist. She used her first lady position to re-open her prenup and lock it in for even more.

And she protected Barron from having to be around that idiot much. Look how Eric and Don Jr. turned out. God help Barron. Maybe the fact Dad will die when he is young will actually help him.

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I hate to wish any kid to be an orphan, but I think the best thing for Barron would be to have his parents both die and be raised by his cousin Mary. That would be his chance to grow up with some morals, else I think he’s going to be a con man, cheat, and liar just like his siblings.

Quite sure I’m not going to get many likes for this comment, but given what we all know about his parents (none of it very flattering), what I expect from Baron as an adult is what one would expect from Norman Bates. Would not surprise me, nor should it surprise anyone, if this kid is the next “American Psycho”.

Yeah, yeah. I’m a terrible person for being so mean about a kid and not giving him the benefit of the doubt. I’m fine with that. If I’m wrong, at least I’ll be proven wrong by a better outcome than I anticipate.

I’d prefer it if we’d drop all conversations involving Barron. It’s unbecoming.

This. I thought we all agreed back when that Barron is off-limits.

Makes sense to me. No more from me.