Trump the prophet (not profit)

So, just a MPSIMS I wanted to share. This CNN article has a video associated with it, and it’s really the video I wanted to share or talk about. Basically, in the video, one of the reporters is talking about an interview with Trump. He was asking the Trumpster about some of his wilder or more ridiculous claims. Trump’s response, essentially, is that…well, he’s a prophet. Or can predict the future. No joke. The Sweden thing? Trump says what he was REALLY talking about was what happened in Sweden a couple days later and that he was basically predicting it. And that many of his claims are like that…we should take them on faith, as they will be proved right in the future. :eek:

I know there are a ton of Trump threads, but this one struck me as something that people should sit down and think about, because more than anything else it shows a level of instability that is more than a bit disturbing, pretty much any way you slice this. If Trump actually believes it, well…that’s pretty disturbing. If he doesn’t, it still shows something about how Trump thinks and expects others to think.

Just thought I’d share the nightmare.

The man is unhinged.

Raise your hand if you’re surprised. Anyone? No? Didn’t think so.

It’s basically an incomprehensible word salad of half-truths, non-truths, and genuine frontier gibberish.

I always get the feeling that he’s having a conversation with a voice in his head who interrupts him and interjects thing that we can’t hear but which he responds to.

I guess it’s possible that Barack Obama will somehow illegally wiretap Trump at some point in the future. But I’m not seeing how Rafael Cruz is ever going to be able to assassinate John F. Kennedy.

Thanks, you made me think of Trump’s Johnson.


The best line. The very best. It’s bigly.

Offered in proof of his great instinct to a reporter who never ran for president. I love the picture that CNN uses to go with the quote on the home page.

“Trump” and “not profit”? How is he trying to dodge taxes This time!?

I think you are using a very understated metaphor. Trump isn’t merely unhinged. He has completely removed the door, cutting through it with a fire axe, and is now screaming, “Heeeeeere’s Donald!”, chasing Melania and Barron around the Trump Tower penthouse.

And yet, still a more appealing meal than you’d actually get from a kitchen in a Trump property.


If I may quote the Amazing Criswell:

Makes as much sense as anything Dimwiticus said.