What if Donald Trump picked Bernie Sanders as his runing mate? I know this wont happen but what if?

Sanders would refuse, and he wouldn’t need to do any research first to see who this “Donald Trump” fellow is, and he certainly wouldn’t blame anything on a faulty microphone.

Come to think of it, a Trump-Sanders ticket is probably the only ticket conceivable that could beat Clinton.

This could be just the break that the Cruz campaign is looking for!

We’re in a different universe where pigs fly and metal is listenable music. Who knows whether gravity would even exist?

It’s far more likely that each would divorce their wives and marry each other.

Hell, I’d vote for them if they did that.

I think Trump’s probably already promised Christie the position. What other way could he have gotten Christie to endorse him?

Use your imagination. He hires a mad scientist to conjoin them like Chang and Eng Bunker.

Come to think of it, Ben Carson could probably do it. Hell, it’s just like that thing he did with the babies, only in reverse, right?

Offered a lifetime supply of hamburgers?

*[Bad Wolfpup! Bad dog! No treat for you!] *

So would I.

I mean, on one level, I’m already living in a dystopian satire, it may as well be funny.

We already did this less than a week ago.

And we’re taking it even less seriously. Wait till you see the responses the next time somebody posts it.

And somebody will.

Obvious solution: vote Trump/Sanders. Then assassinate Trump.

No need. The time travelers from the future will be lining up to do that.