Trying to find a thread on someone killing himself...

Hi. My apologies if this doesn’t belong here.

I’m trying to find a thread which I’m fairly sure is located in the BBQ Pit. It involved this guy who killed himself with a cocktail of drugs while in an IRC chatroom. I’ve tried “drugs” and “chatroom”… “IRC” is too short, and I’m sure I’ll get a squillion topics if I tried “killing self.”

Pity I can’t remember the person’s NAME… otherwise this would be easy as pie.
Help, anyone?

Maybe this one?

No… it was a guy, not a girl. He got online with an IRC group and told them that he was going to take a bunch of drugs and kill himself while they watched. I remember the post had plenty of vitriol.

I know there were at least two Pit threads about it, in 2002. (maybe 2003, but I can’t say for sure…)

On a whim, I decided to search out all my posts in the BBQ pit. Lo and behold, I’d posted to the thread when I thought I hadn’t.

Brandon, you will be missed.

Never mind.

Here is another one but this one is locked.
IRC message board drug overdose

Thanks. That’s also one I remember. Got it all now.

Sad memories…