trying to identify band/song title from this video

found this video online somewhere and would really like to know the band/title. its some kind of euro/j/k pop band but i dont know and cant figure it out.

any help appreciated.

The verses kind of sound like French. Other than that I can’t help. I just spent fifteen minutes trying various things on Google and can’t find anything even close to definite. Do you have any idea how many song lyrics include “Bop bop, oh yeah”?

the source file was titled flowers.wmv if that helps any.

Can’t find anything on this… the really bad part is that, after listening to the song for the last half hour repeatedly to try to tease out any lyrics I can actually understand, I want it! Not that it’s great art, but it’s catchy as hell.

i know… i jus found the site i got it from. but the forums down… crap.
i hate it when stuff like this happens
got it from here

so apparently flowers is the name of the band… but no luck on the country of origin.

The webpage you got the clip from has .hu at the end of the url. That’s Hungarian.