Tuba was right, damnit

I sent an apology via email to CnoteChris and I truly meant it.

I hope, Chris you can see I was working in the heat of the moment and it didn’t have anything to do with you personally.

Off topic for this posting but um, the now banned poster said:

I am not a member of CoolBoards and prefer not to be…so take your accusations and please be smart with them. If anyone signed up with my name and is posing as me, know it’s not me because I have no desire to venture outside of the few boards I frequent along with my good friends on an AOL chat room…so if someone has signed on as me, if Demo has a question whether or not it’s me then I will give him my IP address at any given time.

Again I am sorry Chris I said some very strong things, things I should not have said and Tuba was right, I did take it futher than I should have.

With that, without the SDMB mods/admins assistance, I am gonna kind of hang back (I hear the applause already) and distance myself from here a little.

But Chris, again if I offended you I am truly sorry. I did not intend to set out with that thread to hurt or be mean to anyone.

With that said I am just gonna hang out for a while. If you wanna interact with me, email me or pop in Fathom. I will be checking this board out to see what is happening but I am tired of feeling like I need to defend myself and I do wish this was the same place it was a year ago. I care for so many of you, it’s unreal. My SDMB mods/admins are also too cool for words but I am just gonna go over and play a while elsewhere.

Heck if some of you are on AOL and care to see me, look me up I am usually over in the Colorado Room in Places.

Seems to be a lot of emotional burnout around these days. Look after yourself, techchick68. I know I’m not even on your scanners, but I don’t forget the cool ones.

Eh IceWolf, you are a sweety, for that I am thankful for…your type is hard to find these days. I have many friends here on the SDMB, but many people think I am complete flake er Cocoa Puff or… Really I am a Rice Krispie…I pop when milk is added, no sugar or preservatives added.

But thank you. You are the type of people that I will continue to review the SDMB for. It’s people like you that will keep some people like me wanting to come back to the SDMB. Keep this up and I honestly think you will be a more than prolific poster. I honestly do…your heart and soul seems to come through with all your posts, and it’s a kind one. For that I am thankful for posters like you. Don’t get sucked in to the bad stuff, please. You seem to be such a cool person and that I dig. I wish there were more like that. So don’t disappoint me, keep up the “good work”.

Okay I am outa here for a while. 'Sides I am tired and I have things I needa do.

I don’t blame you Techchick. It seems like you can do nothing here without getting flamed. I’ll miss you here, but you’ll still be at fathom, right?

While I am doing my last run through all the message boards before I crash:

Yes blur my friend I will be over at Fathom…I am a moderator over there, I better be there! :wink:

OY, I am pooped now, sigh I need sleep.

Night Night all.

I wish for the board that things mellow out. I wish for the members of this board some peace. I hope and pray that all can get along without the experiences that many have had. I love and care for so many on this board it’s kinda weird, probably why I get so emotional when it comes to issues, but that’s life.

{{{{{{MY SDMB FRIENDS}}}}}}}

FWIW I haven’t seen anyone at Roundtable with your ID. It’s very distinctive (unlike Dropzone, who found the name already taken and had to add a number)

So I think he was confusing you with another poster.

If you want to be sure, just go there and sign up. (ou don’t have to post) Then you’ll know if the name was taken, and even if it wasn’t, then it won’t be in the future either.

Ah, Tech’ems, don’t worry ‘bout the Boards gettin’ you down. Happens to all of us. I’ll see you around, m’dear.

I got the e-mail. And to those of you out there that have no idea what techchick68 is talking about, the thread in question is here.


Had you simply put what you wrote to me in the e-mail in that thread- a sentence or two at most explaining why you were so excited about this matter, and why you chose to go public with it, this whole thing would have been resolved peacefully. You could have let the people that had no idea of what was going on try to understand the situation.

That, or you could have ignored my post.

But to go off the way you did, and in the About This Message Board forum, of all places, was completely uncalled for. The ATMB forum has guidelines. Guidelines that I, and others, were forced to follow that morning. You went way beyond anything resembling an ATMB thread. You used threats, intimidation, and accusations to shout down others that were simply making observations.

Had this been in the pit, where it rightfully belonged from the get-go, I never would have responded to it. I simply don’t have that kind of anger in my system, especially that early in the morning.

I could have ignored all of this and more Saturday morning and been fine. But you crossed a serious line with me when you made the accusation that you did- first insinuating and then flat out accusing me to be the anonymous e-mailer. An accusation that you knew to be false, I might add.

I can’t believe it didn’t occur to you that this behavior was completely out of line for that forum, or this board.

You know better than that. Or you should know better. You’ve been around here far longer than I, and you moderate on another board. You know the rules and chose to ignore them.

Coming from a newbie? I can see it happening. Coming from someone you with your experience? I don’t see an excuse.

I was not the anonymous e-mailer that sent you that e-mail. I’m relieved that it was revealed who the real e-mailer was before the thread was closed.

That is not who I am or how I operate. Not now, in the past, or in the future. Period.

A retraction to that comment is all I was after. I got that in the form of the perpetrator showing him/herself in the thread. That was enough for me. That whole thing still ticks me off, but your apology did not go unnoticed.

Let’s get something straight here. It was techchick who dumped on me, not the other way around. The topic was “Mods mod-ing their own posts”. I was making a true report of seeing UncleBeer “toning down” one of his posts with editing. That was the topic of the OP, and I was agreeing with the OP. Then techchick68 adds her attacking comment: “Sniff, Sniff, Man, I swear something smells horrible around here. I’ve smelled this before over here…my Lord what can it be? Sheesh, would someone do some clean up?” It was meant as an insult. She chose to insult a poster who was posting seriously on the topic.

And I’m not “an anonymous e-mailer”. I sent that e-mail from my regular box, and that’s my real name. I forgot to add my screen name, but I knew it was right there, and she had posted just minutes before. I knew she would know it was me. And SHE DID. She posted that part and still kept going on about “anonymous e-mailer”. And now you too, with “I’m glad it was revealed”. It was “revealed” by ME as soon as I could log on again.

I guess this is referring to this thread:

But golly gee lue, you didn’t post that, Mr. Ps & Qs did. Unless you’re admitting to having more than one username, which ain’t looked upon too kindly around here. 'Specially not by people who were warned by TubaDiva in the very same thread.

(And anyone want to explain how there’s two different post counts for our friend Mr. Ps in the above thread?)


They are different posters. Look at the spelling.
Now then, will someone please tell me when I can be apart of a thread that’s not going to be locked?

Please, enter my brain, please, tell me what I am thinking or what I know now.

I don’t know who you are or what game you are playing but your weak attempts to put blame on me will only serve you to emptiness and eventually being a very lonely soul.

What I do know is that I would go Pit like on you but I wont. It wont serve anything in this case and well, you hung your own noose, don’t be blaming me for your indescretions.

Since the matter between techchick68 and CNoteChris appears to be resolved, I’m closing this thread before any more worms like li’l lue here decide to crawl to the surface.