Turn Down for What music video... anyone else watching over and over again?

I can’t seem to get enough of it.

Move over, Gangnam Style!

Here’s a list of everything I liked about that video:


I watched this when I added the song to my YouTube playlist and I just couldn’t turn away. I immediately went home and showed it to my girlfriend so that she could get a laugh out of it too!

It’s no La La La, but weird enough, I guess. Not worth a rewatch for me, though. Those … boobs … are just too offputting.

More AutoTune™ ::yawn::

Where’s the autotune here? It’s just a chant song. Or do you mean that synth sound in the background? I suppose that could be autotune, but it could also just be a synth sound.

Ok, I’m officially old.

Uh, no. I thought it was really stupid and only watched through the third floor.

I liked La La La though. Cute kid plus puppy plus catchy tune, what’s not to like. Guess it’s a gender plus age thing.

Seems to be a love it or hate it kind of thing.

Love it!

I watched 2 minutes of it. Sorry, I don’t need any more. I will say this: That piece of crap has over 60 million views.

There is another.

To wit: “meh”.

I was at a wedding a couple of weeks ago and heard it for the first time. A bunch of people got up to dance freaky-style, including some middle aged guys.

I hated the song, and wanted to slink away.

“Meh” for me, but if it comes on and induces people at bars / weddings / sporting events / wherever to start poking out their boners and fake-humping inanimate objects, then my opinion will very rapidly switch to “hate.”

I got two: a remix and a mashup


I did a brief analysis of the video as a commentary of French multiculturalism; it’s in the Youtube comments. :wink: I’d heard the song a while back but I didn’t see the video until they used it on Teens React last month. The reactions were pretty funny.

I was able to click on the “X” (After about 30 sec)

For music videos with the concept of “The music makes your body move uncontrollably” I like these better:

Fatboy Slim: Push the Tempo

Chemical Brothers: Do it Again

Hilarious! The Sex Monster … it comes for us all!