TWIN PEAKS Definitive Gold Box Edition DVD Due October 30th

Sounds like this has everything fans have wanted and more. Here’s the press release, which I found at

Long story short, it has every episode from both seasons digitally remastered, including the pilot which has never been available on Region 1 DVD, with both the American TV and European versions of the ending, all the Log Lady intros from the show’s Bravo run, deleted scenes, the TP-related host monologue and sketch from Kyle Maclachlan’s September 1990 SNL appearance, the Lynch-directed Japanese coffee commerials featuring actors/characters from the show, and a whole bunch of other featurettes. The set was produced with Lynch’s cooperation and involvement. Holy cow.

Now if we can just get a similar treatment for Fire Walk with Me for the sake of completeness, all will be well.

I hate, hate, HATE Twin Peaks. The more I watched, the less sense it made to me, and I watched every creepy episode and became invested in the show emotionally. I even had a Twin Peaks diary where I tried to make sense of what ultimately made no sense. I swore I’d be the first to “figure it all out.” I’d be a genius! I’d be admired and paid to appear on talk shows nationwide to regale audiences with my vast Twinpeakian knowledge! …Stupid dream-crushing show.

But yeah, I’ll probably be one of the first to get the DVD when it’s available.

Great, after I just shelled out a small fortune for the Pilot on DVD. Figures.

What an enormous fucking middle finger to the fans who bought season 1, then patiently waited SIX YEARS before buying Season 2 so that this could be made possible.

And that gold color is fucking ugly.

I mean, it’s not like season 1 and 2 have been available for years and years and now they’re finally releasing some mega-set. Season two JUST came out.

The only thing that I’d want that I don’t already have is the SNL material, and eventually that will turn up in repeats somewhere (along with the truly great sketch from that ep, the cattle drive song). It’s just so disappointing that this comes out so soon after S2 was released. It doesn’t come off at all like anything other than a total money grub.

Yeah, I don’t care. I own both the previous DVD sets and never bothered to track down the Region 0 pilot DVD because I still have my laserdisc copy. It was known that a complete set was in the works when Season 2 was released, though at the time it was unknown whether the rights issues for the pilot would be resolved, whether Lynch would be involved in the production, that deleted scenes still existed, etc. Season 1 is out of print on DVD (not hard to find, but out of print), so this is a way to bring it back out and have the whole thing done once and for all. Hell, this isn’t nearly as bad as the saga of Farscape on DVD, the next iteration of which will be its fourth.