Two '70s Movie ID's Needed

I saw both of these in school (Junior High) in the early 80’s, but I’m sure the movies were made in the early '70s:

  1. Urban setting: A little boy finds an old carousel horse. He carries the horse around with him, holding it, caressing it. These are really the only memories I have of this movie. I think at the end, with the help of someone, they restore it and put it back on some carousel, but I’m not positive.

Please, someone tell me how this movie ends.

  1. A halloween-type story, set in an old house. There is a witch (maybe numerous witches). I remember something about making pancakes. The words “Season of the Witch” keep coming into focus in my mind. Season of the Witch on IMDB reveals no information.


There’s Halloween III: Season of the Witch, but that came out in 1982:

No, these were shown in school (Junior High) and were short films, maybe 30 mins. long.

But thanks for bringing up long repressed memories of Halloween III, possibly the worst movie ever made. :wink:

Sorry, no answers here, but I wanted to add my own movies to be id’ed if that’s okay.

Both are from the 70s as well.

  1. I think it involves a haunted house, but not the typical kind. It was a large, clean estate with, I think, a pond in the back yard. The reason why it stands out that this house was haunted was that there was a rag doll, similar to a Dressy Bessy that had a smile made out of beads or sequins. At one point in the film, the doll is just laying on a bed by itself, but instead of a smile, there is a frown. We don’t see the doll change expressions, but the fear was supposed to come from the fact that the expression changed.

  2. This one is sort of a depressing film as I recall. The scene that stands out is that there is a kid living with one sibling and his mother in sort of a smallish apartment, and the kid is boiling a cat to get its skeleton for show and tell or something. The mother understandably freaks out and starts yelling at and hitting her kid.

I believe that movie is called Winter of the Witch

I vaguely remember some witches living in this kid’s attic and making blueberry “happy pancakes”. They showed it to us in gradeschool in the early 80’s. Hope this helps.

Aha! That’s it! Thank You!

Yes, and the trippy psychedelic scenes after eating the pancakes! It’s all coming back to me now!

And Burgess Meredith narrates!