Two Dartmouth profs were killed yesterday.

A husband and wife. She was the chair of the German department, he was an earth science prof. I didn’t know the personally, but I know some people who did. It’s horribly sad.

The campus is really shaken up, especially the faculty. Part of it is because the police aren’t relating any details whatsoever… and they’re telling us to be very careful, beefing up on security, and stuff like that. The whole “lock your doors at night and don’t walk alone” message. It’s creepy.

It’s going to be a long next few days… :frowning:



I’ll relay this to my other MB.

I’m very sorry to hear about this, andygirl. I hope you follow safe practice anyway, but especially now. Please keep us updated, okay?

I should say that I’m not really more worried about my general safety than usual. It’s just all very odd.

I got an email from my advisor about cancelling class tomorrow. It was heartbreaking- I believe she was good friends with them.

andygirl–I see on CNN that they’ve made arrests in this case. Do you know anything about it yet? Like WHY they think these idiots did this?

Here’s what I know:

-These two kids were picked up in Indiana today. They were apparantly trying to get to California.
-They’ve nothing to do with the college.
-They’re a couple of high school kids.

That’s really about it.

All the same, it’s like everyone’s just exhaled. It’s a huge relief.

Well, it’s good to hear that they have suspects, but still, what a horrible thing to happen. My condolences to any friends or family of the two, and to you and your loved ones.