Two first dates this week!

I guess that says it all.

So that’s where the hamsters have been getting off to…

Bloody 'ell.

No, actually, I think the OP was eaten by my work server. We were having troubles with internet applications earlier today.

Anyway, as I tried to say before, I have two first dates this week. The first one is tonight with Todd. He’s 28 and a supervisor at a chemical plant. Saturday night I’m going out with Dave. He’s 36 and works for the state in computer support services. I’ve haven’t dated that much so I’m a little nervous. Wish me luck!

Good luck, Otto! I’m sure you’ll have lots of fun! I know when I started dating after my divorce I just jumped in and enjoyed—mmmm, all those men (not all at one time, mind you!) Have a great time!
P.S. I had five dates in one weekend once–I don’t recommend it!

One down, one to go…

Met Todd for dinner last night. I brought flowers which he accepted graciously but I worry that it was too much. We didn’t have any real concrete plans so after dinner we talked about seeing a movie, but the timing was such that everything either just started or wouldn’t start for two hours so we ended up having drinks instead. He asked me to call him today and we made some loose plans for the weekend.

Posted by lauramarlane “P.S. I had five dates in one weekend once–”

Holy SHIT! I stand in awe… I had some fun after a divorce too, but five dates in one weekend? How did you keep their names straight, or didn’t it matter? :wink:

I called them all sweetheart :wink: